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Together, SAS and Intel take analytics from good idea to practical impact, operationalizing bold new capabilities – at any scale.

Our technologies are built to work together seamlessly. For example, that means Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, combined with Intel® Optane™ SSDs and persistent memory technology, can deliver greater parallelism for analytics workloads in SAS Viya. With SAS and Intel, it’s practical partnership and innovation at every level. Pat Richards Director, Big Data and Analytics Intel

SAS and Intel: Working Together

It’s time for analytics to be part of the everyday fabric of every organization – delivering large and small insights everywhere, to more people, all the time. That’s how you achieve stronger outcomes. And it requires extraordinary computing power.

Together, SAS and Intel deliver. 



Not only does SAS embed AI in our software to deliver more intelligent, automated solutions, but SAS and Intel technology, working together, enable advanced AI capabilities across organizations.



We bring subject matter expertise and domain knowledge in each of these areas to our customers’ IoT insight opportunities, helping them move from merely collecting data to collective learning.



Put on-demand, high-performance risk analytics to work in your organization to ensure greater efficiency and transparency – at any scale.



Identify and respond to unwanted or suspicious behavior in real time with advanced data analytics and machine learning for monitoring payments and nonmonetary transactions, as well as events.



Government-scale analytics has the potential to improve the lives of citizens – but it requires solutions and processing technology that can handle massive scale. That’s where we excel, together.

Health Care

Health Care

Better patient outcomes and more efficient, effective approaches to health care are possible using the massive amount of health care data being generated today. SAS and Intel can help you make sense of it all – at any scale.

Customer Stories

Deliver unprecedented connected guest experiences with IoT-enabled hotel of the future

Employing location analytics powered by SAS, the Sinclair Hotel is reducing energy consumption and operating more efficiently. Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables the analytically driven "smart hotel" to deliver significant energy savings.

Transform raw data into real-time business insight with IoT connected transportation

Today, Wabtec solutions – developed specifically to take on the challenges of IoT-generated data in the rail and mining industries – are changing how companies manage and optimize their mobile assets in real time.


  • Partners Curiosity

    Partners in curiosity

    The SAS brand is built on feeding human curiosity, which is one reason we were so happy to support the spotlight interview of Lisa Spelman, General Manager, Intel Xeon Products. The focus of the interview was on curiosity – what fuels Spelman’s curiosity, how curiosity is nurtured within Intel, and more.

    Evidence-based policing

    Evidence-based policing

    Around the world, society’s relationship with policing is changing. There is a new urgency to renew and rebuild law enforcement practices for the benefit of communities and the police who serve them. Technology has a critical role to play in introducing, guiding and supporting this change over the long term – starting with analytics. With advanced analytics, law enforcement can make practical, positive, data-driven improvements to better serve, protect and elevate people and communities. Intel, Deloitte and SAS are showing the way.

    Nonstop, real-time, analytics-driven CNC machine condition monitoring at the edge

    Nonstop, real-time, analytics-driven CNC machine condition monitoring at the edge

    Building on years of experience working directly with manufacturers, we have developed a turnkey, on-premises CNC machine monitoring solution that delivers immediate value the moment it is activated.

  • AI: Competitor or Collaborator with Lama Nachman

    Is AI a competitor or collaborator?

    Lama Nachman is an Intel Fellow and Director of Anticipatory Computing Lab in Intel Labs. This 40-minute podcast features a conversation between Nachman and SAS’ Kimberly Nevala – and it’s packed with insights from Nachman based on her deep experience developing and deploying advanced AI systems. Nachman discusses using frustration as a motivator, designing for authenticity, embracing uncertainty, clarity of purpose and why nothing is obvious in AI.

    Connected construction in action

    Connected construction in action

    Analytics, the IoT, and computer vision capabilities are transforming construction processes.

    Deloitte Consulting, SAS and Intel are bringing the construction industry their combined experience in advanced analytics, AI, computer vision and IoT technologies to help companies make smart investments to enable connected construction.

     Checkmate: Production Planning & Scheduling Made Easy

    Checkmate: Production Planning & Scheduling Made Easy

    Develop complex production schedules in minutes, not weeks, with The Grain, powered by SAS®

  • Commercial poultry production

    Commercial poultry production: Real-time poultry health monitoring

    Commercial poultry producers are seeking more effective, accurate, and timely ways to monitor the health of their flocks. With early notification of illnesses, management  teams that monitor thousands of birds could treat and minimize costly infections or help avoid them altogether.

    Are you meeting your customers' demands?

    Are You Meeting Your Customers' Demans?

    Companies often highlight AI, data and analytics as powering demand planning, customer experience or supply chain.

    Intel Optane + SAS Viya: A close look at the performance advantage

    Curiosity and Innovation: A close look at the performance advantage

    The SAS brand is built on feeding human curiosity, which is one reason we were so happy to support the Harvard Business Review’s spotlight interview of Lisa Spelman, General Manager, Intel Xeon Products. The focus of the interview was on curiosity – what fuels Spelman’s curiosity, how curiosity is nurtured within Intel, and more.

  • AI Innovation

    AI Innovation

    SAS and Intel have been collaborating to deliver innovation in AI for years. So what’s our story on this innovation? From advanced workload management to collaboration on data management, diverse hardware and software capabilities, and chip-level integration, we give customers and prospects the practical insights they need to make more informed decisions about their AI-focused investments in analytics software and hardware.

    Sustainable, insight-driven quality analytics for manufacturers.

    When SAS’ world-leading analytics capabilities are deployed by The Grain, a widely recognized global leader in Quality Optimization, facilities can achieve exceptional results.

Commercial poultry production

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Power of the Partner

SAS and Intel collaborate extensively to make sure our world-leading analytics solutions, starting with SAS® Viya®, take full advantage of the latest capabilities of Intel hardware. Ultimately, that means front-line users of data enjoy lightning-fast access to more accurate, timely insights – bolstered by advanced AI, machine learning and IoT capabilities. That’s how SAS and Intel are enabling smarter organizations in every industry around the world – organizations in which people are making decisions that lead to a whole new level of results.