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Greg Spraker


SAS & ClearBlade

Predictive analytics combined with IoT connected assets can quickly uncover new actionable insights that shift operational workforce approaches from reactive to proactive. Together, ClearBlade and SAS accelerate OT leaders’ ability to effectively optimize their operational environment and workforce –without relying on IT and scarce data scientist skills.

  • Predict operational inefficiencies, failures & anomalies so you can make real-time decisions at the Edge and in the Cloud. With a business-friendly interface, you can now access previously unanalyzed data generated from IoT connected assets. This treasure trove of hidden insights enables you to predict (not just provide an alert) undesirable situations such as unplanned downtime, rising scrap rates and product defects, and then take action to prevent them from occurring.

  • Scale up and out without impacting performance. We combine real-time AI driven insights and IoT connected assets with a repeatable process that scales from the Edge and in the Cloud - no matter how many IoT connected assets you have and where they are located.

  • Accelerate application development - without relying on IT and scarce data scientist resources. Quickly configure your operations-centric application interface and business logic to facilitate collaboration and decision making across your operations. No data scientist or system integration skills required. We provide full analytical lifecycle support so operators can harness IoT data, identify patterns and insights, and empower real-time decisions at scale. To accelerate time to value, we provide OT leaders and their workforce with a simple configurable AI-driven solution accelerator that generates value from connected assets in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

Focus Area
Edge Computing, Edge AI, Streaming Analytics, IoT, IIoT, Intelligent Assets

Industrial Products, Energy, Transportation, Retail, Sustainability, Manufacturing


About ClearBlade

ClearBlade was founded out of a clear and present need for a flexible and secure Internet of Things platform. The company was founded in 2007 after the realization that there was no software that could properly fulfill on the promise of IoT. Today, our software runs massive, intricate enterprise IoTs from on-prem to edge to cloud.