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SAS & Attentis

Pioneering Real-Time Situational Awareness for Rapid, Informed and Strategic Decision-Making

Attentis® delivers real-time situational awareness through its range of intelligent sensors integrated with SAS® Analytics for IoT. Attentis’ sensor networks help monitor, measure and mitigate escalating threats to life, property and commerce from fire, flood, air quality, soil and environmental health and more.

“Attentis’ multi-sensors are equipped with AI-embedded SAS®IoT analytics so that local officials, can identify conditions and environmental factors and respond immediately, while continuing to measure and monitor live environmental conditions to aid situational awareness,” said Attentis Managing Director and founder Cameron McKenna.

Collecting more real-time situational data via Attentis sensor networks and quickly uncovering key insights from that data using SAS Analytics for IoT means that local officials can make better, faster and more informed decisions that protect citizens, property and natural resources.

Focus Area
AI, Analytics, Big Data, IoT

Agriculture, Energy, Smart Cities/Government, Transportation, Logistics


About Attentis

Attentis is an Australian company creating and manufacturing cutting-edge environmental-monitoring technology through a range of robust, multi-sensory devices. Attentis has been recognized as having the most technological advanced data transmission network in Australia.