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Ergenomics (aka WARE USA)
Murat Ergen
1221 W 24th St Apt 2
Minneapolis, MN, 55405-2
United States
Phone: 612-245-4670

Description: Ergenomics was founded in 2008 to deliver enterprise level projects and to provide talent solutions. With Wall Street?s emphasis that organizations institutionalize custom analytical technologies, Ergenomics constructed a versatile, boutique-style resource network of highly skilled professionals and affiliate partners. We believe analytics isn?t something you can buy; it requires planning, coordination and a vision. The following core areas of intelligent business must be integrated to create the smarter enterprise!
Industry: Public Sector/Government, Media and Entertainment, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Telecommunications, Retail, Health Care and Life Sciences, Financial Services
Services: Enterprise Reporting, Query and Reporting, Data Migration, System Integration, SAS Software Training, Forecasting, Data Mining, Business Intelligence
SAS Products: SAS/ACCESS, Enterprise Miner, SAS Forecast Server, SAS High-Performance Forecasting, SAS/ETS, SAS/STAT, SAS/EIS, SAS Data Integration Studio, SAS/GIS, SAS/GRAPH software, SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, SAS Data Surveyor for SAP, AppDev Studio, SAS BI Server, SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server, SAS Enterprise BI Server, SAS/IML, SAS Web Analytics, BASE
Solutions: Web Analytics, Anti-Money Laundering, Marketing Automation, Credit Risk Management for Banking, Marketing Optimization, Credit Scoring for Banking, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Retention for Telecommunications, Financial Management, Campaign Management
Geography: Minnesota
Language: English
Operating System: MS DOS, PC DOS, Windows, MAC, UNIX, Sun Solaris SPARC, Win NT, AIX 5L