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Shanghai Yidong Network Information Co Ltd
Guifang Wang
No. 8075 HuMin Rd.
Shanghai, 200233
Phone: 021 962666

Description: Shanghai Yidong Network Information Co. Ltd is a high technology company engaging in egovernment in China. They have rich experience about software development and system integrtation.
Services: Graphics, Business Intelligence, Installation of SAS Software, Integration Technologies, JAVA Development, Data Migration, Data Mining, OLAP, Data Modeling, Portals, Query and Reporting, Data Warehousing, SAS Software Training, System Migration, Enterprise Reporting, Forecasting, Application Software Development
SAS Products: SAS/STAT, SAS Management Console, SAS Forecast Server, SAS Enterprise BI Server, SAS BI Server, SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, Enterprise Miner Server, Enterprise Guide, BASE, SAS Metadata Server, SAS OLAP Server, SAS/INSIGHT, SAS/GRAPH software, SAS/ETS, SAS/EIS, SAS Web Report Studio, SAS Web OLAP Viewer for Java, SAS Web Analytics, SAS Text Miner, Analyst Application
Solutions: SAS Customer Retention for Telecommunications, SAS Credit Risk Management, SAS Anti-Money Laundering
Geography: China
Language: English, Chinese
Operating System: Linux, UNIX, Win NT, AIX 5L