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Hadoop brings big data. We bring everything else.

88% of organizations see Hadoop as an opportunity. Are you in?

Adding Hadoop to your big data mix? Now what? SAS provides everything you need to derive valuable insights from all that data. Extensive data management – because prepping data is hugely time consuming. Visual data discovery. In-memory processing. Sophisticated analytics. And the ability to quickly deploy the models that provide the best answers.

What do you need to succeed with Hadoop? Our eight-step checklist includes data preparation, in-memory analytics, data visualization and more.

Special Event

SAS(Strata + Hadoop World) + You = Opportunity

Strata Conference

SAS is proud to be a Strategic Sponsor
of Strata Conference + Hadoop World,
Oct. 15 – 17, 2014, New York, NY.

Join us at Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2014 and learn how YOU fit into the equation. Visit us at Booth 202. View a demo. Speak with a SAS expert. Or sit in on one of our presentations. Whether you’re working from, with or in Hadoop, SAS makes it all add up to great opportunities.

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Ryan Schmiedl, Senior Director of Product Management at SAS, talks about the data management capabilities of SAS on Hadoop.

Randy Guard, Vice President of Product Management at SAS, outlines the data visualization and analytics solutions SAS offers for Hadoop users.


"Customers share a lot of information with us – their likes and dislikes – and our task is to support them in return for their loyalty by providing them with what they want, instantly."

451 Research

451 Research discusses SAS' big data strategy. Learn more.

Cosmos Bank

"This is an era of visualization, so we should provide ranking officers and board members with eye-catching tables and charts that help them quickly grasp the meaning of the data provided and make informed decisions."

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