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SAS/STAT Software

Statistical analysis software with proven, validated models.

Key Features

Comprehensive statistical analysis software. Unmatched in the industry. Scalable to meet your expanding needs.

Expansive library of ready-to-use statistical procedures

Includes more than 100 prewritten statistical analysis procedures that deliver significant functionality.

Wide range of robust statistical methods

Provides comprehensive tools for both specialized and enterprisewide statistical needs – from analysis of variance and linear regression to Bayesian inference and high-performance model selection for massive data.

Cross-platform support & scalability

Runs on all major computing platforms and can access nearly any data source. Easily integrates into any computing environment and scales to address larger or more complex analytical problems.

Regular updates

Delivers the latest statistical methods and high-performance computational tools, along with user-requested enhancements.

Organizations of all sizes are working smarter with SAS

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