A 360-degree view of customers. Protection from identity and digital fraud. All in real time.

SAS® Identity 360 delivers the security, convenience and personalization needed to detect and prevent identity and digital fraud while meaningfully engaging customers.

Provide an optimal user experience.

Build custom decision strategies based on risk to dynamically increase or decrease friction at multiple points in the customer journey. SAS Identity 360 gives you the simplification, flexibility and control needed to design, remove, modify or test new workflow and decisioning strategies, and evolve them over time.

Detect and prevent application fraud.

Find fraud faster and stop it more effectively. SAS combines multiple analytic methods with embedded AI and machine learning capabilities so you can assess the risk of new applications and uncover stolen, manipulated or synthetic identities earlier than ever.

Identify account takeover threats proactively.

Recognize possible account takeover threats while minimizing false positives by using industry-leading data analytics and machine learning capabilities to monitor accounts and transactions for suspicious patterns and behavior.

Combat e-commerce fraud.

Reduce e-commerce payments fraud and chargebacks by detecting fraudulent shopping behavior and device/SIM characteristics using stronger authentication methods and powerful, analytics-driven tools and technologies.

Fight synthetic identity fraud.

Reduce credit card chargeoffs, mitigate damaging fraud losses and avoid expenses associated with chasing bad debt by going beyond traditional identity verification. SAS Identity 360 uses multiple methods to generate real-time alerts when parts of an identity are suspected to be false so you can take immediate action.

Reduce total cost of ownership.

Take advantage of affordable, high-end identity verification and fraud detection on the secure SAS Cloud running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). You get reliable, scalable and cost-effective computing capacity, along with flexible, easy maintenance of your identity management program.


Ingest the right data in real time. Centrally access and manage third-party identity data. Use layered analytic methods to spot more identity fraud faster, reducing false positives. And easily scale with custom-built or plug-and-play strategies that fit your needs, minimizing costs and delivering value faster.

Open identity & risk vendor marketplace

Lets you find the perfect data or service provider for your use case and easily test and deploy your workflow strategy with centralized access to hundreds of identity providers. Includes prebuilt adapters for digital, biometric, public and behavioral data. Lets you manage all data providers in one place, as well as oversee and quickly adapt your identity management programs.

Industry-leading identity & fraud machine learning capabilities

Uses anomaly detection and predictive analytics to uncover new types of fraud by examining what’s happening right now. Finds more fraud faster by layering analytics methods − including machine learning − so you can spot emerging fraud tactics that don’t resemble historical patterns.

Centralized workflow orchestration

Acts as a central platform for easily integrating, managing and designing complex strategies with data and service providers, including optimizing third-party data usage. Lets you enrich your data with the right third-party information in real time and build, design and test your strategies in one environment.

Champion/challenger identity strategies

Compares various models to find the champion and challenger models for identifying the most effective strategies. You can determine the effectiveness of new strategies, continuously improve your approaches and adapt to changes in consumer behavior.

Rapid, scalable cloud deployment

Runs as a service, so it's easy to deploy and use, and scales to your organization. You simply pass data and receive decisions via API calls. Go live in weeks – not months or years – and change rules and strategies in minutes.

Domain- & use-case-specific business rules

Provides out-of-the-box business rules that deliver a high level of efficacy. You can use these as starter rules and modify them as necessary to solve targeted problems.

Speed, accuracy and the ability to detect new attacks quickly are essential for being effective in the digital space. SAS gives us the ability to do that. Axcess Financial logo Richard Cooney Fraud Director Axcess Financial

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