SAS Certification Practice Exams

Are you preparing to take a SAS Certification?

Including a practice exam as a part of your study routine is a great way to ensure you’re ready for the real deal. Some practice exams are free and some require a small fee, however you’ll have access to the material for a period of time which allows you to stop and start at your convenience. Find the associated practice exam in the drop-down menu below based on the credential you’re preparing for and get started today!

Practice Exams

What you need to know before taking a practice exam

 Free Practice ExamsFee-based Practice Exams
Price$0 USD$55 USD
Access Period from activation date90 Days180 Days
In-exam time limitNo limit6 Hours
On-demand access, start/stopYesYes
Dynamic score report with performance detailYesYes
Ability to review all questionsYesYes
Context for correct answerYesYes
Multiple retakesYesNo

Software access:

The Base and Advanced Programming and Predictive Modeling Performance-Based practice exams require access to software to complete the performance-based projects.

  • For the programming exams, you will need to provide your own installation of SAS or use SAS OnDemand for Academics.
  • For the predictive modeling exam, you will need to provide your own installation of SAS Enterprise Miner.

Cancellation Policy

SAS practice exams may be cancelled for a full refund any time before the candidate begins the exam.
Once an exam has begun, no refunds are granted.

Sample Questions

Sample questions are available for production exams and illustrate the types of multiple choice and short-answer questions that may appear on SAS Global Certification exams.

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