Visual Data Discovery

SAS® Visual Data Discovery

Interactive data visualization for analytics

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Get point-and-click access to the advanced analytic capabilities of SAS. The solution enhances advanced analytics and exploratory data analysis with interactive data visualization, leading to better analyses, faster decisions and more effective presentations of analytic results. SAS Visual Data Discovery combines top-selling SAS products (Base SAS, SAS/STAT® and SAS/GRAPH®) and two interfaces (SAS® Enterprise Guide® for guided tasks and batch analysis and JMP® software for discovery and exploratory analysis).


Interact with graphs to clarify results and take action.

SAS Visual Data Discovery provides exploratory data analysis and interactive data visualization in an extendable point-and-click environment, dynamically linking statistics with graphics.

Create and utilize custom add-ins.

It's easier than ever to extend the use of powerful analytics throughout your organization. You can create custom analytic applications (add-ins) to share with other users. You can even customize menus and toolbars for your add-in.

Get access to a powerful, comprehensive analytical environment without having to code.

Users can point-and-click their way through the interface and customize analyses with their own SAS programs. There are two interface options to choose from. SAS® Enterprise Guide® lets users build queries, manipulate and update data, perform simple to complex analyses and run analyses in batch mode if desired. JMP® offers a discovery and exploration interface with interactive analysis capabilities.

Achieve corporate and governmental compliance.

You can generate repeatable results that are easily documented and verified.

Export interactive animations for presentations, etc.

Show your colleagues what you've discovered and let them interact with the visualizations – and see for themselves.



Visual Data Discovery
  • Highly interactive statistical graphics
  • Visual querying and data filtering
  • Extensible visual analytics
  • Comprehensive set of tools for advanced statistical analysis
  • Core SAS® capabilities

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