Student Success in K-12 Education

Provide meaningful data on student progress and likely future performance. Inform educators and parents with dynamic web-based reports.

How SAS Supports K-12 Student Success

SAS applies the statistical rigor necessary to provide precise, reliable information on students’ growth with a more complete picture of student learning.

Comprehensive look at performance

  • Consider a student's complete testing history, spanning multiple grades and subjects.
  • Accommodate different types of – and changes in – assessments.

More than a single determinant of student progress

  • Provide a reflective look at student growth.
  • Deliver diagnostic insights.
  • Predict likely student outcomes on future academic milestones.

Analytics built on experience

  • Rely on more than 20 years of experience working with K-12 education data.
  • Trust the application used across more than than 25 states and 3,000 districts, supporting more than 15 million students and over 500,000 educators.

Easy implementation

  • Get up and running fast with analytics and reporting delivered through a fully hosted and secure web application.
  • Accommodate adjustments to district or state policy changes.
  • Use a trusted solution grounded in flexible, transparent modeling.

Why do K-12 education agencies choose SAS® for student success?

SAS follows the progress of students over time and provides diagnostic information to identify students' various needs, helping foster their growth and development.

Gain key insights

Drive instructional decisions that improve teaching and learning.

Predict student success

Report on students' predicted success probabilities at numerous academic milestones.

Identify at-risk students

Provide educators with information for effective planning and differentiated instruction.

Deliver data you can act on

Display information in multiple usable formats for educational decision making.


Working Smarter With SAS®

Longview & Austin, TX, School Districts

Analyzing student test data to improve student growth

SAS is helping Longview and Austin, TX, school districts use value-added analysis to follow individual student progress, then use that information to increase educational effectiveness.

State of Tennessee

Predicting K-12 academic performance to develop individual plans to help each student succeed

SAS helped Tennessee develop the state's educational value-added assessment system (TVAAS), which enables educators to collect and analyze data for making more informed decisions about the appropriate path for each student and act on those decisions with confidence.

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Using analytics to help students and teachers reach their full potential

The Pennsylvania Department of Education uses SAS EVAAS for K-12 to make sound instructional choices and foster student growth.

Union Middle School

Turning things around at a low-performing middle school

Union Middle School in Sampson County, NC, uses SAS EVAAS reports and student projections to gain insights for improving student growth and attendance and providing strong professional development for teachers.

Improving the educational experience for more than 54,000 students

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools (WS/FCS), located in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, uses SAS to unify data from disparate sources and make it available to school principals, administrators, school counselors and parents.

Properly funding and serving school districts with 750,000 K-12 students

The South Carolina Department of Education uses SAS for smart data exploration to advance K-12 public education programs.

Accelerating school performance with analytics

SAS helped Duval County Public Schools transform into one of Florida’s top-performing school districts by using data and predictive analytics to improve school performance, track student progression and monitor school climate.

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