K-12 School Performance Management

Make informed, data-driven school improvement decisions. Predict performance outcomes. Model changes to policies and programs.

How SAS Supports K-12 School Performance

SAS provides data models and visualizations for understanding student, program and school performance. By predicting student outcomes and modeling scenarios, educators can see how programmatic or instructional changes may make improvements in areas critical to each school’s goals.

Fast disaggregation of data

  • Compare critical student performance metrics.
  • Expose data relationships using analytics and visualizations.
  • Provide administrators with timely information so they can take appropriate action based on reliable data.

Trend identification

  • Correlate information across data sources.
  • Identify at-risk students so educators can provide an intervention.
  • Track student progression and promotion across schools.
  • Predict school performance using underlying statistical models.

School performance simulation

  • Provide intuitive dashboards that deliver information in a visually understandable format.
  • Emulate reports that incorporate academic performance measures useful for educator coaching and parent conferences.
  • Gain practical information based on accurate, real-time data.

Why do K-12 leaders choose SAS for school performance management?

SAS creates a customized system that empowers school administrators to identify and overcome barriers to academic success.

Predict student outcomes

Accurately predict student outcomes with underlying statistical models that use real-time data.

Make data-driven decisions

Turn data from across multiple systems into information you can act on for school improvement.

Define strategies & improve outcomes

Gain a comprehensive overview of all your state's or district’s education data so you can highlight areas of opportunity to improve performance.

Create momentum for desired policies

Enable administrators to model different policy actions using real-time data to advocate for needed changes.

Demonstrate policy and program reform progress

Track the progress of different programs over time for all students served via a user-friendly dashboard.

Generate evidence of return on investment

Use data from across the district to identify which programs have the biggest impact on student learning, and invest appropriately.

Customer Success in K-12 Education

Working Smarter With SAS®

  • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

    Providing parents, educators, state leaders, researchers and others with important information about school and district-level data

    North Carolina's School Report Cards, which are created and hosted by SAS, provide details on student performance and academic growth, school and student characteristics and much more for all North Carolina public schools, including charter and alternative schools. A user-friendly dashboard meets the needs of all users.

  • Longview & Austin, TX, School Districts

    Committing to improving school and student performance

    SAS helped the school district in Longview, TX, turn around an underperforming school. In Austin, schools use SAS to understand how well they are doing at growing students regardless of academic ability.

  • Advancing K-12 public education programs using smart data exploration

    The South Carolina Department of Education depends on SAS to analyze data to ensure that its school districts are properly funded and served.

    Connect with SAS and see what we can do for you.