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Learning Loss & Recovery

Using data to understand the pandemic’s impact on K-12 students.

Analytics plays a pivotal role in helping educators assess the Covid-related impact of unfinished learning – and finding solutions to aid recovery.

White Paper

What We Now Know About Measuring Learning Loss and Learning Recovery

Discover how education leaders are using SAS analytics to understand where the impact of the pandemic was greatest and to help identify strategies for learning recovery.

Learn why analyzing learning loss data was important to state leaders in North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, North Dakota and Tennessee.

Fully understanding learning loss is the first step. Overcoming it is the next.


Partnership helps states alleviate learning loss effects of COVID-19

A retreat co-hosted by the Hunt Institute and SAS explored what states have learned about learning loss, as well as strategies, programs and opportunities for improvement.


Learning Loss or Gain?

Find out how some states are using data and analytics to make sense of the findings around learning loss, and get essential information on supporting educators and recovering lost opportunities for students.


Accelerating learning recovery with analytics

Now is the time to rethink, innovate and transform our approach to student learning using lessons learned from the pandemic.


Using Data to Support Learning Recovery and Acceleration

Learn how two states are measuring gaps in learning and employing analytics to create plans to accelerate learning recovery.

Two school districts in Pennsylvania share how SAS analytical insights impact student success.

Discover how SAS is making a difference in learning recovery.


The Technology

SAS® EVAAS for K-12 is a powerful tool that tracks student progress over time, providing diagnostic information to help identify needs and opportunities. As a result, educators can better understand students' academic backgrounds, monitor their progress and help them reach their goals.