SAS is a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q1 2019

SAS received the highest possible score for the criteria of decision arbitration, customer recognition, and measurement and observation.

“Customer experience is rapidly becoming the key competitive differentiator,” said Lisa Loftis, Principal in the Global Customer Intelligence group at SAS. “To succeed, all customer-impacting decisions must be relevant, timely and personalized. As I believe SAS’ position as a Leader in this report highlights, our customer intelligence suite of products, particularly SAS Customer Intelligence 360 and SAS Intelligent Decisioning, provides the analytical power and real-time decisioning capabilities needed to elevate your customer experience.”  

Real-time interaction management (RTIM) is a critical CX technology that helps brands create the personalized experiences necessary to win, serve and retain customers, regardless of their point of interaction. Per Forrester, “RTIM integrates customer data, content and channels with sophisticated decision engines to align marketing and customer experience delivery.” 

SAS Intelligent Decisioning, a primary driver of RTIM and the automation of operations decisions, is part of the SAS Customer Intelligence family of software that helps marketers and CX leaders deliver timely and relevant decisions across all interaction channels.

In addition to receiving the highest possible score for the criteria of decision arbitration, customer recognition, and measurement and observation, SAS also received the highest possible score in the business technology vision, innovation road map and supporting products and services criteria. According to the report, "SAS (unsurprisingly) excels at meeting RTIM's rigorous analytical requirements for decision arbitration, measurement, and optimization." References from financial services, retail and telecommunications firms – representing North America, Europe and Asia – lauded SAS for both its technology capabilities and business value. One went so far as to credit SAS for "helping to make us the most analytically driven player in the sector."

We evaluated how well each vendor is positioned for current and future success in the RTIM market based on business technology vision, innovation road map, past performance, supporting products and services, partner ecosystem, and commercial model. 

The Forrester Wave: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q1 2019

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