SAS - Hospitality Provider

White Paper

SAS - Hospitality Provider

Nucleus Research ROI Case Study

Have you ever wondered how much value your martech solutions truly provide to your organization? Well, wonder no more. In this research study completed with a North American hospitality provider, we calculated just that. And the results were impressive.

SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 provides a wealth of benefits, including:

  • An ROI of 281%.
  • A payback on the software of 3.6 months.
  • Revenue growth of 20% via improved data utilization.
  • A threefold increase in marketing team productivity.
  • Avoided customer acquisition costs that saved $6.8 million.

Ok, I’ll stop – and let you read for yourself. Download this report to see the detailed calculations and read more about why SAS was chosen over our martech competition. When you’re done, if you want to talk more about how SAS can help your organization, don’t hesitate to give us a shout!