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IoT Analytics for Education

Transform education data with IoT analytics.


The efficient and effective use of IoT data is critical to addressing many issues today's education organizations and agencies face, including monitoring sensors and facilities, the health and safety of students, and improving the student experience. Education organizations need to connect and analyze vast amounts of real-time IoT data and student interaction data to generate insights for increased efficiency and operating cost savings.

How IoT Analytics From SAS Can Help

Through the power of advanced IoT analytics, education organizations can be better equipped to make informed, accurate and timely decisions. SAS can help you take full advantage of technologies that enable automated and intuitive experiences – driven by a digitally connected community of students and faculty. With IoT analytics from SAS, education organizations can:

  • Enhance the student experience. Create memorable, personalized interactions – across channels and in real time – based on historical and current student interactions.
  • Achieve green initiatives. Conserve energy and manage efficient smart campuses and classrooms. IoT connected devices and sensors can enable smart campuses to operate in a more environmentally sustainable and cost-effective way.
  • Monitor safety. By using AI and machine learning techniques, you can analyze patterns from facial recognition, alert systems, Wi-Fi access points and location data to monitor health and safety for campus reopening and beyond.
  • Accelerate academic research. Promote and accelerate academic research by equipping researchers with real-time edge analytics. Integrate IoT data from devices, such as remote temperature monitors for vaccines, air quality sensors, weather sensors, precision agriculture equipment, drone and satellite feeds, and more.

Why SAS?

With IoT analytics from SAS, education organizations can make informed, accurate and timely decisions to improve resource allocation and operational effectiveness.

  • Automated monitoring. Connect and monitor devices and Wi-Fi access points in real time to improve the quality of life on campuses.
  • Predictive analytics. Make predictions about energy demand and resource needs based on alert monitoring of smart meters in facilities and other IoT-connected devices.
  • Event stream processing. Uncover insights with AI and make real-time, intelligent decisions by analyzing streaming data, such as social media, security cameras, temperature controls and building access.
  • Intelligent edge. Powerful, optimized edge computing combined with machine learning enables high-volume throughput of millions of events per second and low-latency response times. Distributed, in-memory grid processing running in commodity hardware environments can scale as your data grows.
  • Education expertise. For more than four decades, SAS has delivered consistent value to more than 3,000 educational institutions.

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