Getting Started With the Internet of Things (IoT)

From developing a strategy to measuring success, these resources can help you start your IoT journey.

As the world becomes more connected, you may want your organization to benefit from the IoT. But how complicated is it? How do you prepare – and what challenges should you expect? The five steps below will guide you through the process of getting started with the IoT, so you can tap in to the future of technology.

Before you start

Identify Challenges

Understand potential pitfalls – and plan your strategy for countering them.


The IoT puts intense demands on the data management life cycle. Learn from 10 common mistakes organizations have made with IoT endeavors – and why IoT success depends on data governance, security and privacy.

Take the next step

Determine Goals

Decide what you want to accomplish, and how you plan to get there.


Learn how combining a business plan with streaming analytics can help you turn Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data into a competitive advantage.

IoT Choose Your Course Infographic

Choose Your Course

Which path should you take for IoT success? It's important to determine your goals so you can take the right steps toward achieving them.

Put your goals into action

Develop a Monetization Plan

Determine how you'll measure success – whether it’s monetary or performance-based.

Knowing how parts and vehicles can be improved, knowing how to make them safer, knowing how to add more convenience for drivers, all help create a more desired and competitive product. Lonnie Miller, SAS Principal Industry Consultant

Discover Key Factors in IoT Success - thumbnail

Key Factors of IoT Success

Whether you're in the early or the later stages of your IoT project, here's what you need to know to get results. View infographic.

Think big picture

Engage the Ecosystem

It's time to pull all the pieces and partners together, from sensors to software to control systems.


Wrangling the Industrial IoT Ecosystem

This virtual roundtable delivers insights and practical advice on how you can use the power of collaboration to develop and deploy your IoT implementation.

Reaching the finish line is only the beginning

Understand the IoT Journey

The IoT isn’t a short-term project: It's a long-term journey. Here’s how to prepare for the duration.

With cognitive computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, a new world of possibilities lies in front of IoT. The journey has only just begun. I am really looking forward to when IoT changes from the "internet" of things into the "intelligence" of things. Oliver Schabenberger Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer SAS

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