Drive real-time interactions and automate analytically driven decisions at scale.


Deliver real-time decisions for all your use cases.

Deliver relevant, interactive, real-time decisions based on business rules and sophisticated analytics at scale to a limitless number of use cases. Easily test decisions prior to deployment to ensure they deliver the expected results. Robust governance ensures your decisions are understood and trusted across the business. High data and decision volumes are easy to handle with a cloud-based architecture that can scale to meet your demands. Deliver decisions at the edge and in stream through integration with IoT devices.

Enable easy collaboration for users of all skill sets.

Build and modify decisioning processes with ease, whether you prefer a drag-and-drop GUI or the ability to write code. Define decisions by browsing centralized data, model and business rule repositories and selecting from existing assets. Compare different objects and versions to understand and track changes for easier collaboration across teams. Ensure accuracy and task transparency using an out-of-the-box, role-based governance workflow to apply various decisioning checkpoints.​

Make the best decision every time.

Improve decision quality by incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning models from a common repository, created in your preferred language​.

Deploy analytical models in decisions with consistency and speed.

A common decision authoring and deployment environment dramatically reduces the time required for IT to validate and deploy analytical models – whether written in SAS, open source or custom code. From a single interface, you can natively integrate, manage and deploy SAS and Python analytical models, custom code and business rules, with identical logic for both batch and real-time web service execution. That means faster deployment and confidence in the integrity of your analytically driven operational decisions..

Leverage the power of SAS® Intelligent Decisioning inside the Microsoft Power Platform.

The SAS Decisioning Power Connector, a certified connector in the Microsoft Power Platform, enables you to link to your SAS Viya environment and run selected decision modules and analytical models within a Microsoft Power App or Power Automate. The SAS Decisioning connector makes it easy for you to combine the two leading platforms for AI-driven business applications and processes​.

Quickly execute more decisions with less effort.

SAS Container Runtime is a lightweight OCI (Open Container Initiative) compliant Docker container for executing SAS models developed with SAS Viya. It is highly scalable and can be published to any container registry.  Users can then take advantage of the cloud infrastructure to deploy with the smallest footprint. This ensures that you can fully utilize your resources to quickly execute the largest number of decisions and reduce the effort required to manage the environment.


最新のSAS® Viya® の機能をお試しください

SAS® Visual Data Science Decisioningの無償の14日間試用版をぜひお試しください。SAS® Intelligent Decisioning の各種機能やアナリティクス・ライフサイクル全体のための各種機能がすべて含まれています。


Look Who's Working Smarter With SAS®


With SAS Intelligent Decisioning, you can easily create, manage and govern robust, analytically driven business rules to power decisioning at scale.

Data access, preparation & quality

Access, profile, cleanse and transform data using an intuitive interface that provides self-service data preparation capabilities with embedded AI.

Custom chatbot creation

Create and deploy custom, natural language chatbots via an intuitive, low-code visual interface for chatbot-enabled insights and conversational user experiences​.

Data visualization

Visually explore data and create and share smart visualizations and interactive reports through a single, self-service interface. Augmented analytics and advanced capabilities accelerate insights and help you uncover stories hidden in your data​.

User-friendly interface

Build and manage even the most complex decisioning elements with ease – including decision flows, rules, data sources code nodes and analytics – using a drag-and-drop GUI or writing code in the language of your choice.

Common decision authoring & deployment environment

Simplify validation of the entire decision flow. Complete version control preserves documentation, testing traceability and continuity in an environment shared by IT and the business.

Real-time decisioning

Apply analytics and business rules in real time during customer interactions and operational business processes.

Reusable content

Create reusable content and custom functions to accelerate decisioning across the organization.

Rapid, well-governed decision life cycle management

Quickly respond to changing decisions and customer dynamics. Speed up common manual tasks, such as business rule definition and deployment, in a controlled and safe environment to ensure quality of decisions and auditability. Easily integrate your organization's CI/CD processes.

Integrated with SAS® machine learning & model management capabilities

Use with visual machine learning for integrated model development and management capabilities – both SAS and open source. A common model repository facilitates centralized model governance and monitoring.

Powered by SAS® Viya®

SAS Viya's completely redesigned architecture is compact, cloud native and fast. Whether you prefer to use the SAS Cloud or a public or private cloud provider, you'll be able to make the most of your cloud investment.

Better together with Microsoft

The SAS Decisioning Power Connector enables you to include decisioning as part of the Microsoft Power Platform. You can easily embed models and decisions in web and mobile apps. Automate business processes with intelligent decisioning. And centrally manage business rules.


実験的なものからミッションクリティカルなものまで、あらゆるアナリティクスの課題を、クラウドでの迅速な意思決定で克服しましょう。SAS Viyaの最新版は、以下のクラウド・プロバイダーで利用可能です。

SAS Cloud

SAS Viyaの最新バージョンはMicrosoft Azure上で自然に動作しますので、SASクラウドにより分析プラットフォーム全体が管理し、最適なパフォーマンスと価値が実現できます。




クラウド・ネイティブとなるように設計されているSAS Viyaは、数百万のAWSユーザーが利用しているのと同じ各種クラウドサービスを活用できることに関してテストおよび承認されています。


イノベーションとオープンソース・クラウド原則にコミットしているSAS Viyaは、Google CloudにネイティブのAIと高度なアナリティクスをもたらします。

Red Hat OpenShift

近日登場予定です。Red HatとSASは、データセンター内かクラウド上か、あるいはその併用かを問わず、アナリティクスの導入展開と利用をより容易に行えるようにします。

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