High-Performance Analytics

Faster, deeper insights from powerful SAS® Analytics.

Quickly and confidently seize new opportunities. Make better choices ahead of the competition. And create new value from big, diverse data. High-performance analytics from SAS enables you to explore experimental questions and solve real-world problems.


Transform data into high-value business assets.

Optimally use and manage your IT infrastructure resources, and reap the benefits of superior scalability and reliability. SAS empowers your organization to derive illuminating insights from your structured and unstructured data with self-service access to advanced analytics. Flexible deployment options accommodate your needs today, and easily adapt to changing analytic demands. 

Reduce data movement, and deploy models quickly.

In-memory data persistence eliminates the need to load data multiple times during iterative analysis. This promotes data consistency by reducing unnecessary data movement. And a massively parallel processing (MPP) database architecture integrates the entire analytical life cycle – from data management through results monitoring – so you can design, build and deploy models faster. 

Solve complex problems with powerful analytics.

Optimized for analytic workloads, our high-performance solutions deliver the computational processing power needed to address even the most challenging analytical problems. A consistent, underlying code base fosters collaboration within and among your analytics teams, enabling multiple users to interact during the data discovery and model-building process, and solve complex organizational issues based on a common, consistent interpretation of the data.

Increase efficiency with centrally managed parallel processing.

Consolidate analytic workload processing and centrally manage the entire analytical life cycle. By integrating the administration, development, management and execution of all analytic processes, our high-performance analytic solutions lower your total cost of ownership. And with complete versioning, authorship and change management control from one central administration, enterprise governance is assured. 

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