Statistical analysis

SAS Visual Statistics

Discover, predict and act – decisively.

With SAS Visual Statistics, multiple users can explore data, then interactively create and refine predictive models.

SAS Visual Statistics on SAS Viya showing logistic regression on desktop monitor

Uncover opportunities faster than your competitors.

Your data scientists and statisticians can act on observations at a granular level using the most appropriate analytical modeling techniques. The result? You'll unearth insights at unprecedented speeds, and find new ways to grow revenue.

Put better models into action faster.

Easily build and refine models to target specific groups or segments, and run numerous scenarios simultaneously. You can ask more what-if questions to get better results. And put results into action with automatically generated score code.

SAS Visual Statistics on SAS Viya showing a decision tree on a desktop monitor
SAS Visual Statistics on SAS Viya showing clustering on desktop monitor

Boost analytical productivity.

Empower multiple users to interact with data visually – to add or change variables, remove outliers, etc. Instantly see how changes affect your model's predictive power, and make refinements quickly.

Gain the freedom to experiment.

Data science teams have the ultimate flexibility of working in their language of choice, so they can use their skills to the fullest. SAS Visual Statistics unites all analytical assets – whether created using SAS or other languages like R, Python, Java or Lua – within a common solution.

SAS Visual Statistics on SAS Viya showing model comparison on desktop monitor

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Key Features

Interactive data exploration and discovery combined with the ability to easily build and adjust huge numbers of predictive models on the fly.

Data access, preparation & quality

Access, profile, cleanse and transform data using an intuitive interface that provides self-service data preparation capabilities with embedded AI.

Custom chatbot creation

Create and deploy custom, natural language chatbots via an intuitive, low-code visual interface for chatbot-enabled insights and conversational user experiences​.

Data visualization

Visually explore data, and create and share smart visualizations and interactive reports through a single, self-service interface. Augmented analytics and advanced capabilities accelerate insights and help you uncover stories hidden in your data​.

Descriptive & predictive modeling

Explore and evaluate segments visually for further analysis using k-means clustering, scatter plots and detailed summary statistics. Use machine learning techniques to build predictive models from a visual or programming interface.

Open, code-based model development

Programmatically access analytical actions from SAS Studio, call them from other languages – Python, R, Lua, Java – or use public REST APIs to add SAS Analytics to existing applications.

Dynamic group-by processing

Concurrently build models and process results for each group or segment without having to sort or index data each time.

Model comparison, assessment & scoring

Generate model comparison summaries (lift charts, ROC charts, concordance statistics, misclassification tables) on one or more models. Export models as SAS DATA step code, and apply them to new data.

Cloud native

SAS Viya's architecture is compact, cloud native and fast. Whether you prefer to use the SAS Cloud or a public or private cloud provider, you'll be able to make the most of your cloud investment.

Get to Know SAS Visual Statistics

Need training on SAS Visual Statistics?

Exploratory model fitting is a critical step in modeling big data. Learn how to build predictive models in an interactive, exploratory way with the training course SAS Visual Statistics on SAS Viya: Interactive Model Building.

Check out these free tutorials on SAS Visual Statistics.

From getting started, to building a decision tree model to performing logistic regression and beyond, these free video tutorials will help you get the most out of SAS Visual Statistics on SAS Viya.

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SAS® Visual Statistics

Découvrir. Prévoir. Passer à l'action. Sans hésitation.

Plusieurs utilisateurs peuvent explorer les données, puis créer et affiner des modèles prédictifs de façon interactive. Le traitement distribué in-memory accélère le développement de modèles, fournissant rapidement des informations exploitables.

Principales caractéristiques

  • Exploration et découverte visuelle des données. Utilisez SAS Visual Analytics pour repérer facilement les facteurs prédictifs parmi plusieurs variables d'exploration et identifier visuellement les valeurs hors norme et les divergences.
  • Modélisation descriptive. Explorez visuellement des segments et approfondissez leur analyse via une clusterisation par la méthode des nuées dynamiques (k-moyennes), des nuages de points et des statistiques descriptives détaillées.
  • Modélisation prédictive. Créez des modèles prédictifs à l’aide de différentes techniques de machine-learning depuis une interface visuelle ou de programmation.
  • Développement ouvert de modèles par programmation. Accédez aux opérations analytiques depuis le code dans SAS Studio, passez-les dans d'autres langages (Python, R, Lua, Java) ou utilisez des API REST publiques pour ajouter SAS Analytics à des applications existantes.
  • Regroupement dynamique. Créez simultanément des modèles et traitez les résultats de chaque groupe ou segment sans avoir à trier ni à indexer systématiquement les données.
  • Comparaison et évaluation de modèles. Générez des synthèses de comparaison d'un ou plusieurs modèles (courbes de lift, courbes ROC, statistiques de concordance, tables de mauvaise classification).
  • Scoring de modèles. Exportez des modèles sous forme de code d'étape DATA SAS et appliquez-les à de nouvelles données.
  • Traitement analytique in-memory distribué. Créez plus rapidement des modèles sur des tables disparates, dont Hadoop. Inutile de déplacer les données ou de les écrire sur disque.
  • Options de déploiement modulables. Exécution sur des équipements standard, dans une infrastructure de cloud privé ou public, une plate-forme PaaS (Platform as a Service) de Cloud Foundry ou un MSaaS (Managed Software as a Service).