Gain unparalleled visibility into complex analytic workloads.

Keep business-critical SAS® applications stable and performant while controlling cloud costs and achieving optimal efficiency at scale.

Lower your total cost of ownership.

Right-size your infrastructure, whether in the cloud or on-site. Reduce the number of incidents, accelerate time to resolution and eliminate missed SLAs on your business-critical applications.

Improve the developer experience.

Enable self-service root cause analysis and workload management. Empower users and have confidence in the quality of development before something is promoted to production.

Accurately allocate costs.

Easily break down platform resource usage by team or department for accurate cost allocation in multitenant environments.


Maximize resource utilization, substantially increasing your effective operating capacity through advanced batch schedule optimization, performance tuning and enabling cooperative resource sharing.

Real-time contextual workload identification

Detects all platform executions and their key properties, allowing users and administrators to instantly see whether their jobs and interactive sessions are behaving as expected and if any action is required.

Self-service administration & event investigation

Provides users with a secure and audited way to terminate sessions and view logs. Key events can be shown in real time, allowing users to investigate and manage all their workloads without requiring host-level access.

Top-down & bottom-up performance analysis

Allows administrators to use workflows that begin as clusterwide performance heat maps to narrow in on hot spots and drill through to individual jobs or users that may be causing undesired behavior.

Scheduled batch job flow analysis & optimization

Collects detailed performance data on all jobs, including return code, flow and queue information. Job and flow visualization features accelerate root-cause analysis to help prevent future exceptions.

Point-and-click chargeback classification

Presents session performance data through a drag-and-drop interface that lets users generate cost allocation rules by classifying workload into different departments.

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