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Software as a Service (SaaS) From SAS

On-demand analytical solutions that provide fast, focused value – run and managed in the cloud by SAS.

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Take advantage of new technologies quickly.

Access targeted industry capabilities and ready-to-use software that delivers tangible results.

Risk-Free Entry

Our defined SaaS offerings provide risk-free entry that supports your cloud-first strategy.

Fast Deployment

Get up and running much more quickly with easy access to SAS software, so you can get fast answers from your data.

Enhanced Productivity

Our support experts give your workforce more time to focus on what matters.

A True Analytics Culture

Accelerated adoption creates a culture of analytics that maximizes business value through better insights.

Consistent & Continual IT Resiliency

Greater resiliency ensures availability and peak performance to help you innovate and adapt to change.

Quick Access & Predictable Costs

Realize value faster with quick access to software and predictable costs with no hidden fees.

Organizations of all sizes are working smarter with SaaS from SAS.

SAS & Compliance

Meeting industry and accessibility standards so our organization – and yours – can stay in compliance.

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