SAS Academic Programs

SAS Academic Programs

Resources for all your teaching and learning needs.

Whether you want to gain analytical skills, build courses, create degree programs, grant certificates, conduct research or network with other SAS® users, SAS Academic Programs can help.


Develop your analytical skills using the best analytics software and tools. We support students interested in learning and using SAS technologies through a number of popular programs, including free SAS software, free training, opportunities for recognition and more.

SAS® Software Certified Young Professionals

Free SAS software for academic, noncommercial use. An interactive, online community.
Free access to superior training and documentation. Free registration for the certification exam.


Help your students gain in-demand skills, and keep your own analytical skills at the forefront of the digital age. From free teaching materials, to valuable support services, to professional development opportunities, to free and low-cost SAS software options, we provide you with everything needed to teach a SAS course and keep your own skills sharp.  

Independent Learners

Not affiliated with a college or university? No problem. Sharpen your analytical skills on your schedule with free access to SAS software. Use it for everything from introductory statistics to quantitative methods in self-directed learning.

Academic Researchers

Focus on tackling key problems and supporting your institution's research priorities. We offer academic researchers access to powerful SAS Analytics to extract deeper meaning and insights from large amounts of disparate research data collected from multiple sources, in multiple formats – quickly and easily.

By 2018, demand for workers skilled in analytics could outpace supply by 60 percent – or 1.6 million jobs – according to a McKinsey Global Institute study. What’s more, a article, “Job Skills That Lead to Bigger Paychecks,” names SAS as the skill that nets the biggest paycheck.

Recommended Resources

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Read about the latest programs for students and faculty, resources for teaching and research, and SAS tips and techniques. 

Join this active community, where educators, students, researchers and independent learners ask questions and exchange ideas.