SAS for Livestock Monitoring


Livestock growth cycle optimization for consistent, higher-quality yields with improved health monitoring.

Better monitoring across locations for optimized animal growth cycles, yield and quality.

Livestock growers and buyers must contend with inconsistent animal sizes and uncertain growth cycles influenced by a variety of health factors, including stress, activity, disease, feed formula and environment. Our livestock monitoring solution, powered by Microsoft Azure, helps large-scale livestock growers and buyers (e.g., retail food chains) proactively optimize the animal growth cycle, yield and quality with improved health monitoring across all locations.

How SAS® Enables Livestock Monitoring

Powered by SAS Analytics for IoT and Azure IoT, our solution combines easy-to-deploy sensors and cloud-based predictive analytics to effectively monitor livestock.

Easy-to-deploy monitoring paired with AI

While traditional solutions involve labor-intensive RFID tagging and manual inspections, our solution uses easy-to-deploy cameras paired with artificial intelligence to monitor the growth, physical movement and characteristics, and digestive output of the livestock.

Integrated sensors

The information gleaned from monitoring is combined with data from integrated temperature, humidity, CO and ammonia sensors to analyze the livestock and its environment, and alert growers of possible health issues or contagious diseases before they affect an entire flock, herd or pen.


Our livestock monitoring solution not only helps keep animals and people healthy but also helps growers optimize the feed formula and determine when the animals reach their target maturity and size.

Improvement of animal well-being and optimization of the production processes are high on the agenda for farmers and the food industry. Using SAS Analytics for IoT and the Azure IoT platform, we can deliver enterprise-grade solutions that help farmers resolve operational challenges, improve animal well-being and create the basis for a transparent food supply chain. Dr. Srđan Krčo CEO DunavNET

Why choose SAS® for livestock monitoring?

Our easy-to-deploy solution offers real-time livestock monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities that enable you to:

Improve animal welfare

Automate detection of physiological anomalies (e.g., disease and stress).

Maximize ROI

Leverage advanced analytics to improve quality assurance, reduce costs and predict yield.

Enhance decisioning

Better equip clinicians by providing animal vitals for better care.

Optimize operations & processes

Receive automated alerts when systems aren’t restarted (e.g., watering) and optimize feed planning and scheduling.

Improve supply chain management

Use real-time availability to improve supply and demand forecasting (e.g., inventory optimization).

Faciliter la recherche de réponses dans le cloud

SAS et Microsoft facilitent la démocratisation de l'analytique pour permettre à tous de poser et répondre aux questions qui font progresser les organisations.

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