A powerful, flexible matrix programming language for interactive and exploratory data analysis.

Easily translate mathematical formulas into innovative programs for matrix computations, numerical analysis, optimization, simulation, statistics and data analysis.

Program easily and efficiently.

Simple syntax and an extensive function library make it easy to translate mathematical formulas into statistical programming statements. You can implement custom analyses for a variety of applications and even build your own module library. Share your programs and libraries by writing packages, and download programs written by others.

Interactively perform exploratory analysis.

Graphically explore data to spot hidden patterns, uncover relationships among variables, understand outliers and identify unusual features in the data. Dynamically linked graphics enable you to select observations in one graph and see those same observations highlighted in all other views of the data.

Run optimizations and simulations.

Find optimum values for objective functions, subject to constraints. Simulate data, solve linear systems and perform matrix computations. And there's no need to declare or allocate storage for a data matrix, because SAS IML software does this automatically.

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Get a free, 14-day trial of SAS Viya, which includes SAS IML, as well as capabilities for the entire analytics life cycle.


Understand relationships in complex data using exploratory data analysis. SAS IML software includes hundreds of functions for implementing specialized analyses and algorithms, with the ability to code from open source languages.

High-level programming language

Lets you take a programming approach to matrix-oriented operations and analysis.

Accessible, cloud-enabled in-memory engine

Uses the SAS Viya engine, which enhances the SAS Platform, providing high availability, fast in-memory processing, the ability to code from open source languages and native cloud support.

Matrix computations

Supports matrix operations, solving linear systems and matrix decompositions.

Numerical analysis

Includes built-in functions for numerical linear algebra, root-finding algorithms, integrals and derivatives, differential equations and interpolation.


Enables linear programming and mixed-integer linear programming.


Lets you simulate from dozens of built-in distributions – including univariate, multivariate and time series models – and program custom simulations, including regression and spatial models.

Powered by SAS® Viya®

SAS Viya has a completely redesigned architecture that is compact, cloud native and fast. Whether you prefer to use the SAS Cloud or a public or private cloud provider, you'll be able to make the most of your cloud investment.


Relevez tous les défis analytiques, qu'ils soient expérimentaux ou stratégiques, et accélérez la prise de décisions avec le cloud. La dernière version de SAS Viya est désormais disponible sur les fournisseurs de cloud suivants.

SAS Cloud

En exécutant la dernière version de SAS Viya de façon native sur Microsoft Azure, SAS Cloud gère l'ensemble de votre plate-forme analytique, pour des performances et une valeur optimales.


Microsoft est notre partenaire stratégique et notre fournisseur de cloud privilégié. Grâce à une intégration profonde et à une feuille de route commune, SAS et Microsoft façonnent l'avenir de l'IA et de l'analytique dans le cloud.


Conçu pour être " cloud-native ", SAS Viya est testé et approuvé pour exploiter les mêmes services cloud que ceux utilisés par des millions d'utilisateurs AWS.


Grâce à son engagement en faveur de l'innovation et des principes du cloud open-source, SAS Viya apporte une IA native et de l'analytique avancée à Google Cloud.

Red Hat OpenShift

Bientôt, Red Hat et SAS faciliteront le déploiement et l'utilisation de l'analytique, que ce soit dans le data center, le cloud ou les deux.

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