SMB For Retail & Consumer Goods

Enable smart supply chain, merchandising and marketing decisions with AI

Why choose SAS® for retail and consumer goods analytics?

For over 40 years, SAS has been helping small and midsize companies grow, innovate and adjust to uncertainty in a highly competitive environment. Visionary, industry-leading AI/ML solutions and enterprise-grade analytics help you make sense of all the data to create insights and automate decisions. Whether you are ready to deploy end-to-end processes or simply wish to incorporate analytical insights into existing workflows, you can leverage our wide range of solutions to maximize your investments and generate meaningful business results.

For 1-800-Flowers, SAS analytics and marketing automation provide the best personalized interaction with customers.

Solutions & Use Cases to Help Your Business

Turn your customer intelligence, inventory, supply chain or merchandising data into valuable insights. Create personalized marketing that increases engagement, loyalty and sales. Leverage business intelligence, analytics, AI/machine learning, cloud and open source technologies with easy data access to all. Maximize return on investment and achieve operational excellence by transitioning from manual processes, such as spreadsheets, to visual analytics. Choose your path to adoption.

Marketing in the Digital World

Deliver the real time experiences your customers are seeking.

Inventory Management

Manage customer demand, sales and inventory needs.


Optimize your merchandise and assortment planning.

Connect with SAS and see what we can do for you.

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