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Business Challenge

Governments have never been better equipped to improve the way they accomplish their objectives. Rich with historical data and capable of collecting new data in real time, governments are applying artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GAI) to operate more efficiently and effectively.

How AI From SAS® Can Help

Traditional approaches are no longer efficient for gleaning insights from the data that governments collect, produce and store. Not only is public data increasingly vast, fast and varied, but the expectations for governments to provide quick answers have risen. In this critical race for the public sector to find ways to transform data into useful information, new AI and GAI techniques are automating complex tasks and unlocking previously hidden insights across the spectrum of government data.

Here are just a few of the ways public sector organizations are using AI and GAI:

  • Automatically detect fraud and improper payments. Machine learning capabilities, including deep learning, can teach systems to detect outliers in data or match data against known patterns with unprecedented precision and recall, enabling governments to address fraud and improper payments before money goes out the door and ensure that funds and services go to those who need them.
  • Help ensure child well-being. Law enforcement agencies can use the AI capabilities of text analytics and natural language processing to help identify children at risk of exploitation.
  • Improve program operations. Using AI to automate repetitive tasks – no matter how complex – can revolutionize government efficiency, save hundreds or even thousands of work hours and potentially free up limited resources to focus on other critical issues.
  • Support national defense. Military and intelligence agencies can use predictive maintenance to help ensure mission readiness, safety and response agility.
  • Make smart cities smarter. Big data analytics, sensor technologies and the internet of things (IoT), machine learning and cognitive computing can enable local governments to better understand citizen needs and provide local solutions that address them.
  • Protect citizens’ identities. Synthetic data enables governments to build and train systems without compromising their citizens’ personally identifiable information.
  • Examine the impact of policies and expenditures before they are deployed. Digital twins enable governments to test changes before they are adopted.

Why choose SAS for AI?

As the leader in advanced analytics, SAS understands that a carefully designed and well-implemented analytics strategy can help you more efficiently and effectively accomplish your goals. That's why we've embedded AI capabilities into our software – from the powerful SAS® Viya® to targeted solutions for public sector organizations. With an emphasis on greater interpretability and transparency, our AI capabilities enable you to better understand the algorithm's outputs while better managing and protecting personal information.

A public sector agency was the first SAS customer more than 45 years ago. Today, more than 650 government ministries, departments, offices and agencies around the world use SAS. Our leadership in advanced analytics, expertise in AI and experience with the public sector can give you THE POWER TO KNOW®.

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