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Mobile: An opportunity to rebuild customer trust?

Mobile: An Opportunity to Rebuild Customer Trust

Irreleveant offers, too many emails and intrusive ads have led to a sharp decline in website registration on PCs. But smart phones with customized apps are a whole new ballgame, promising more sustained engagement and a chance to win back consumer trust — IF you take the right approach.

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Top five ways high-performance analytics will transform marketing

Top five ways High Performance Analytics is going to improve marketing

Everyone’s talking about high-performance analytics (HPA), but how can it help you improve your marketing and customer engagement? How can HPA help you make quicker decisions in an ever-shrinking window of opportunity? Wilson Raj has answers.

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Why Nokia’s Collapse Should Scare Apple

Nokia's Collapse

Nokia used to be at the head of the mobile phone industry – what happened? Now, Apple is riding high, and it, and other market leaders, should take time to reflect on Nokia’s downfall and learn from it.

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Create brand superfans

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Forget customer satisfaction says customer strategist Matthew Rhoden. Take these three steps to turn your customers into advocate that support, actively promote and are even emotionally attached to your brand.

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