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Neuromarketing – creepy relationship management…or just what the doctor ordered?

marketing optimization in action at Aegon

The US Department of Defense is requesting proposals for implantable biosensors that will provide real-time data on physiological responses. If this becomes a reality, John Bastone sees marketing implications galore …

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How is analytics dragging marketing into the future?

how is analytics dragging marketing into the future

Steven Georgiadis defines business analytics and its power to identify activities that provide the greatest value, track brand sentiment via social media, discover new opportunities, forecast more accurately, better control costs – in short, transform marketing.

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Why you need a customer state vector


In this article, Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS, provides a solution to help improve modeling with a cross-departmental view of customer data.

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Eight steps for better customer interactions

8 steps for better customer interactions

If you’re not using analytics to determine how your customers want to be contacted, you may be driving them away. Contact customers when and how they want to be contacted with these eight steps from SAS customer intelligence expert Larry Mosiman.

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Has the marketer lost control?


The growing number of marketing mediums is making marketing campaigns more complex. What’s a marketer to do? Customer analytics expert Lori Bieda shares three steps all marketers need to take.

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It’s a great time to be in marketing … if you embrace analytics

its a great time to be in marketing if you embrace analytics

Analytics was once just the province of a few direct marketers and market researchers, but now the entire field of marketing is being transformed by this capability. Read what Thomas Davenport has to say about this major shift in marketing culture.

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