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Harry & David’s customer focus fuels comeback of the year


Gourmet food and gift retailer Harry & David went from Chapter 11 bankruptcy to receiving the Large Company Turnaround of the Year award in 2012. This year, the retailer turned in its best financial performance in five years and grew its customer list by 10 percent. How’d they do it? A customer-centric marketing strategy has helped.

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Major League Soccer wins fans with analytics

MLS Feature 2

Understanding customers is the name of the game for Charlie Shin, Director of CRM and Analytics for Major League Soccer. In this short video, Shin tells how they use analytics to know their fans, determine the next best offer, increase engagement and more.

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Six tips for turning big data into huge insights

Six tips for turning big data into huge insights

With more than 5 billion people calling, texting, tweeting and browsing on mobile phones worldwide, marketers are scrambling to capture and capitalize on all that data. Eric Williams, formerly of Catalina Marketing, has six tips to help you on your way.

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Top three marketing trends for 2013

A Marketer's Viewpoint

What should marketers focus on for 2013? I sat down with Adele Sweetwood, VP of SAS Americas Marketing, to find out the top trends – and what you need to do now to take advantage of them.

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How IKEA, British Airways tie insights to outcomes

Tying insights to outcome

Is your marketing team a silo in your organization? Customer analytics data has paved the way for marketers at IKEA and British Airways to closely align with the rest of the business — and shape company strategy.

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Gilt Groupe gets personal with mobile members

Retail 1

When consumers shop for high-end luxury items, they expect high-end customer service — even if they’re online. That’s why online luxury retailer Gilt Groupe works so hard to personalize the customer experience. Find out how they’re meeting this challenge and the future of analytics at Gilt Groupe.

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How Gilt Groupe uses big data to give customers what they want

Gilt Groupe

When Gilt Groupe began selling high-end merchandise at deep-discounts on its members-only website in 2007, the flash sale phenomenon was born. 3.5 million members later, they’re still growing strong, How do they do it? Gilt’s Senior Director of Analytics and Research shares their secret.

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The case for conversational marketing

Five Best Practices for Social Media Measurement

According to marketing experts like Charlene Li, conversational marketing will soon become as natural as breathing. That entails big implications for business. Here’s what you need to know about helping employees with customer interactions.

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Customer analytics in the age of social media

Marketing Technology

What’s the biggest difficulty in analyzing social media data, and how do you overcome it? TDWI Research Director David Stodder has answers.

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Intelligent customers demand customer intelligence


What’s holding you back from delighting your customers? Camille Baumann explores the role of strategy, vision, executive sponsorship and analytic talent in improving the customer experience — and shares examples from companies that are exceeding customers’ expectations.

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