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Secrets for more profitable marketing from Chico’s and Staples


Marketing experts from these two retail giants recently participated in a panel discussion on growth opportunities. There was a lot of meat in the general discussion, but here are five tips they shared that will help you refine your own marketing efforts, no matter what industry you’re in.

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Analyze early, analyze often and be totally transparent about your facts


Expedia, Chico’s and Harrah’s Entertainment all use analytics in their daily operations with great success. In this panel discussion, they share tips, best practices — and one example of analytics saving millions.

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The nuts & bolts of social media: insights and tips from Chico’s CIO (blog post)

nuts_bolts social media insights and tips from Chico CIO

Chico’s CIO Gary King describes two of the organization’s most successful social media projects (Facebook pajama party, anyone?), discusses who should “own” social media, shares lessons learned and practical tips

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