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Analytics and Big Data: Discover the Unknown Unknowns

Figure 1 The Analytics Isle in the Big Data Archipelago

Welcome to the first stop in the marketer’s journey through the Big Data Archipelago. Tamara Dull is your guide and will help shift your focus from what is happenning with traditional data to exploring what could be happening with big data.

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A marketer’s journey through the big data archipelago


The big data journey is not for the faint of heart. Preparation is key and travelling alone is ill-advised. So join Tamara Dull for this 10-post blog series looking at how big data is changing the best practices we’ve developed around our traditional data — and, most importantly, key takeaways for marketers.

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How Gilt Groupe uses big data to give customers what they want

Gilt Groupe

When Gilt Groupe began selling high-end merchandise at deep-discounts on its members-only website in 2007, the flash sale phenomenon was born. 3.5 million members later, they’re still growing strong, How do they do it? Gilt’s Senior Director of Analytics and Research shares their secret.

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Embracing big data can add years to a CMO’s tenure

Embracing big data can add years to a CMO’s tenure

The average tenure of a Fortune Global 500 CMO has been compared to the lifespan of a fruit fly. Why is the position so precarious? Wilson Raj tackles this question and offers a solution.

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Marketers flunk the big data test

Marketers flunk the big data test

The big-data explosion has marketers feeling increasing pressure to make data-driven decisions. And yet, a study of marketers at Fortune 1000 companies shows that the vast majority still rely too much on intuition. Patrick Spenner shares key findings.

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Big data is a big issue for marketing

Executives from Bank of America, USAA and the United Nations discuss big data.

Executives from Bank of America, the United Nations and USAA recently shared how their organizations are tackling big data challenges related to customer segmentation, social media analytics, customer loyalty and more.

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Social media, open data and the future of government

Charles Leadbeater

The promise of big data to make government more intelligent will only be realized if government learns how to open up data so citizens, entrepreneurs and campaigners can start using it for themselves says author and consultant Charles Leadbeater.

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