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Can segmentation help banks find tomorrow’s high-value customers?

Who's your brand's editor-in-chief?

How do you find, and keep, tomorrow’s high-value customers? That’s an important question for banks faced with a slow-growth environment. Investing heavily to woo young, tech-savvy customers would seem a strong bet. And it might be – but only if banks have done their homework.

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Are your segmentation strategies so 2011?

U.S. Consumer Preferences

A new research report from BAI reveals substantial flaws in current segmentation strategies and shares valuable information that will help banks capitalize on significant cross and up-sell opportunities that are now being missed.

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Banking segmentation and the Super Bowl

Banking segrmentation and the Super Bowl

As a marketer, I always take an interest in the Super Bowl commercials. The $3.5M spent per spot to reach such a broad cross-section of the population astounds me. Now, I am not denying the entertainment value, but is this approach the “magic bullet” of marketing?

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