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Marketing Analytics and the Data-Driven Evolution of Marketing

How marketing analytics works for banks


Martin Brennan, Customer Insight Manager with Permanent TSB, on how analytics increased the bank’s marketing effectiveness by aligning offers more closely with the customer’s wants and needs.

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Connecting the dots: Six steps to becoming customer-focused

Connecting the Dots

How does an organization become a data-driven and customer-centric– and what can you realistically do to start moving in that direction today? Professionals from banking, retail and insurance came up with these six steps you can follow, starting now.

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Five marketing best practices from Best Buy

Best Buy Marketing

Best Buy is a dream case study in customer analytics. In this post, Scott Friesen, Senior Director of Analytics for Best Buy, shares practical advice and tips for extracting competitive value from data across the whole company.

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Business lessons for marketers from Joe Theismann

Legendary NFL quarterback Joe Theismann

Legendary NFL quarterback Joe Theismann recently shared vivid anecdotes and recollections from his experiences both as a championship athlete and as a businessman. SAS’ John Balla was there and shares how Theisman used humor, lessons learned and candid reflections on his own experiences, to highlight the many parallels between success in business and success in sports.

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Four steps to best-in-class customer intelligence

Building Loyalty and Retention

All organizations have customer data and information. Customer Intelligence is simply the next logical stage: gleaning insights or knowledge from the data to drive more profitable interactions with customers. In this interview, CI experts Wilson Raj and John Bastone share a practical step-by-step approach.

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Five tips for building customer loyalty

Building Loyalty and Retention

What are the current trends in customer loyalty programs? How can you increase loyalty and retention? Loyalty 360 surveyed more than 150 customer loyalty and retention execs to find out. Here are their top five recommendations for building loyalty to your brand.

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Five ways to keep your clients loyal — from wherever you are

Keeping your clients loyal from wherever you are

These days, you’re just as likely to be doing business across the world as down the street. So how do you cultivate loyal, trusting — and lasting — client relationships when you can’t always pop in for a meeting or take clients out to dinner? Author and communication strategist Dorie Clark tells you how.

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Five tips for ongoing impact at tradeshows

Five tips for ongoing impact at tradeshows

Tradeshow participation can be expensive, and some of the most promising opportunities may not produce the hoped for results. That said, tradeshows have a place in a well-balanced marketing plan, so here are five ways to make the most of your tradeshows and improve your results.

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Five steps for measuring blogger influence

Five ways to evaluate influence without using Web site graders

There are thousands of blogs out there for every industry and topic. How do you determine which ones are worth your time? Here are five steps from SAS Blog Manager Alison Bolen.

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Gilt Groupe gets personal with millions of shoppers

Gilt Groupe

When Gilt Groupe began selling high-end merchandise at deep-discounts on its members-only website in 2007, the flash sale phenomenon was born. 3.5 million members later, they’re still growing strong, How do they do it? Gilt’s Senior Director of Analytics and Research shares five key pieces of advice.

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The retail store of the future

Store 3.0

The National Retail Federation BIG Show in New York this week is all about retail’s new rules and what’s coming next. One example is the evolution of brick-and-mortar stores. Find out how retailers are weaving the virtual world into the physical store — and four things they need to keep in mind as they move forward.

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