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Managing online reputation: What to listen for, and where

Marketing optimization: Five lessons learned at a major US bank


How do banks decide what an individual customer needs at the exact moment she logs on to the website, phones the call center, opens the mobile banking app, or walks into the branch? One of the largest US banks answers that question using marketing optimization. They share five lessons learned – and their vision for the future.

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How marketing analytics works for banks

How new payment options can drive revenue

Bankers often use marketing analytics to figure out how to sell their products and services. But, how much more successful would you be if you used marketing analytics to learn what products and services your customer wants – and then create them?

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Tom Davenport on telling a story with data

Why your social media metrics are a waste of time

How can marketers make data compelling? Business analytics expert and author Tom Davenport suggests that marketers tap into the power of storytelling. With a strong narrative, he says, analytics can reach a wider audience and have a greater impact.

Seth Godin’s rules for marketing in the new economy

A Marketer's Viewpoint

Are you invisible or remarkable? That’s the question that Seth Godin believes that marketers should ask themselves in the new economy, and there are 3 simple reasons why.

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Business awesome: part analytics, all attitude

Business Awesome: Part Analytics, All Attitude

Thanks to social media, we hear about businesses being awesome (or NOT awesome) every day. Scott Stratten, marketing strategist and author of “Unmarketing” and “The Book of Business Awesome” offers these seven tips.

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Three predictions for digital marketing

Maximizing Digital Advertising in a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

What does the future hold for digital marketing? If you looked into your crystal ball, what would it reveal to you? An expert panel at SAS Global Forum shared their views on what’s next — and three important ways marketers will need to focus their digital marketing efforts.

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The top three challenges in digital marketing – and how to overcome them

Delivering a healthier customer experience throughout change

What are your biggest marketing headaches? I recently asked marketing expert Wilson Raj to name the top three challenges in digital marketing. Check out this short video to hear his views on managing customer relationships and interactions across multiple channels.


Personalized pricing – here’s how it’s done

Maximizing Digital Advertising in a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

Jundong Song, VP of marketing service provider 89 Degrees, shares how retailers like Safeway are turning big data into personalized pricing — and seeing “significant” returns.

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Marketing in the tech titan era

Tech Titans

Five companies are dramatically changing the landscape of marketing, retail — and life as we know it. They are the tech titans: Amazon, Apple, Google, eBay and Facebook. Find out what’s next from the big five, and what you might need to do to prepare.

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Secrets for more profitable marketing from Chico’s and Staples


Marketing experts from these two retail giants recently participated in a panel discussion on growth opportunities. There was a lot of meat in the general discussion, but here are five tips they shared that will help you refine your own marketing efforts, no matter what industry you’re in.

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A lesson in customer service from Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy


Does Chick-fil-A’s commitment to be kind to employees and provide heartfelt hospitality to customers make the food taste better? President and COO Dan Cathy says it does, and the numbers back him up. He recently shared the secret behind the family-owned company’s success.

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