Camille Baumann, SAS

Camille Baumann has more than a decade of diverse experience marketing innovative brands. Currently based out of Sydney, Australia, she has been the Regional Marketing Director – Asia Pacific for SAS since 2007. Camille has been driving SAS efforts to continue its 36 years of consecutive growth and profitability through positioning SAS as a leader in enterprise value based solutions post acquisitions by competitors into the analytics space. Since joining SAS, she has successfully introduced Digital Marketing capabilities, Customer Advocacy Programs, and performance rigor around the way SAS generates and nurtures customer relationships and has ensured integrated marketing investments are automatically measured, benchmarked and attributable against revenue across 12 markets via a single view using none other than SAS’ own software.

Intelligent customers demand customer intelligence


What’s holding you back from delighting your customers? Camille Baumann explores the role of strategy, vision, executive sponsorship and analytic talent in improving the customer experience — and shares examples from companies that are exceeding customers’ expectations.

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