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Traditional marketing is obsolete

Use Social Media to Tap the Collective Genius of Your Customers and Employees

But what will the new model look like? A new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit points to a broader role for Chief Marketing Officers, the rising importance of the voice of the customer and new layers of complexity fuelled by digital marketing.

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The top three challenges in digital marketing – and how to overcome them

Delivering a healthier customer experience throughout change

What are your biggest marketing headaches? I recently asked marketing expert Wilson Raj to name the top three challenges in digital marketing. Check out this short video to hear his views on managing customer relationships and interactions across multiple channels.


Personalized pricing – here’s how it’s done

Maximizing Digital Advertising in a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

Jundong Song, VP of marketing service provider 89 Degrees, shares how retailers like Safeway are turning big data into personalized pricing — and seeing “significant” returns.

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Voice of the customer: Whose job is it, anyway?

Voice of the customer: whose job is it, anyway?

The Chief Marketing Officer’s increasingly fragmented responsibilities are making it harder for them to take ownership of the “voice of the customer” across the organization. Find out more in this new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Top three marketing trends for 2013

A Marketer's Viewpoint

What should marketers focus on for 2013? I sat down with Adele Sweetwood, VP of SAS Americas Marketing, to find out the top trends – and what you need to do now to take advantage of them.

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How IKEA, British Airways tie insights to outcomes

Tying insights to outcome

Is your marketing team a silo in your organization? Customer analytics data has paved the way for marketers at IKEA and British Airways to closely align with the rest of the business — and shape company strategy.

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CMOs must close the gap

Closing the gaps

The new EIU survey uncovered disturbing gaps in perception about marketing. What do CMOs have to do to close the gap? Connect customer insights to innovative business strategy across all channels and functions.

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What’s hot in retail for 2013?

Gilt Groupe gets personal with its mobile customers

There are three big trends in retail for 2013 and they all have one thing in common: data, which is getting bigger and bigger. It’s flowing in from mobile, social, online and offline shopping. What’s a retailer to do? Visit the NRF BIG Show in New York City next week to find out. We have the highlights for you here.

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CMOs are swimming upstream

CMOs are swimming upstream

Surprising results from a new EIU survey: one in five CMOs say they are only consulted on marketing strategy, but don’t take the lead. Find out what CMOs need to do to take a more strategic role.

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Gilt Groupe gets personal with mobile members

Retail 1

When consumers shop for high-end luxury items, they expect high-end customer service — even if they’re online. That’s why online luxury retailer Gilt Groupe works so hard to personalize the customer experience. Find out how they’re meeting this challenge and the future of analytics at Gilt Groupe.

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