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Anne-Lindsay Beall

Anne-Lindsay Beall, Editor

Anne-Lindsay Beall is Editor-in-Chief of sascom magazine, Editor of the Customer Intelligence Knowledge Exchange at SAS, and Editor of the SAS Retail News. She has developed a comprehensive portfolio of business and marketing communications during her career spanning 14 years of magazine and marketing work. You can find her on Twitter: @annelindsayb or on LinkedIn at:

Marketing optimization: Five lessons learned at a major US bank

Managing online reputation: What to listen for, and where

How do banks decide what an individual customer needs at the exact moment she logs on to the website, phones the call center, opens the mobile banking app, or walks into the branch? One of the largest US banks answers that question using marketing optimization. They share five lessons learned – and their vision for the future.

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How the Orlando Magic uses big data to win fans

Marketing, big data and basketball: a 'magic' combination

Big data and basketball are a “magic” combination in Orlando. CEO Alex Martins tells how the team uses analytics to win games, improve sales — and improve customer relationships.

Data is money. Treat it accordingly.

Show me the money!

Marketers must develop an “investment strategy” for data says SAS Chief Marketing Officer Jim Davis.

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American Airlines on the ups and downs of social media

American Airlines on the turbulence of social media

At American Airlines, the social media team responds to customers on Twitter within 15 minutes, 24/7. What does it take to make that happen? In this short video, American’s Director of Social Media Communications, Jonathan Pierce, discusses that and more.

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Intelligent messaging, mobile wallet and more — are marketers ready?

Mobile: An Opportunity to Rebuild Customer Trust

If you’re not investing in mobile, you probably won’t be in business in five years’ time says David Sear, CEO of Weve. In this short video, Sear discusses what the future holds for mobile and what marketers need to do to keep up.

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Tom Davenport on telling a story with data

Why your social media metrics are a waste of time

How can marketers make data compelling? Business analytics expert and author Tom Davenport suggests that marketers tap into the power of storytelling. With a strong narrative, he says, analytics can reach a wider audience and have a greater impact.

Brian Solis on making business more human

Solis Interview

How can marketers stay competitive in the new digital economy? In this short video, Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group, advocates going back to the basics: What customers think, believe and share with others.

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Major League Soccer wins fans with analytics

MLS Feature 2

Understanding customers is the name of the game for Charlie Shin, Director of CRM and Analytics for Major League Soccer. In this short video, Shin tells how they use analytics to know their fans, determine the next best offer, increase engagement and more.

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What do CMOs need to do to increase effectiveness?

Wilson Raj, Global Customer Intelligence Director for SAS

Digital marketing has ushered in a whole host of opportunities and challenges for Chief Marketing Officers. Watch this short video to hear marketing expert Wilson Raj’s views on what CMOs need to focus on now to stay ahead.


Six tips for turning big data into huge insights

Six tips for turning big data into huge insights

With more than 5 billion people calling, texting, tweeting and browsing on mobile phones worldwide, marketers are scrambling to capture and capitalize on all that data. Eric Williams, formerly of Catalina Marketing, has six tips to help you on your way.

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