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The digitization of everything – its impact on the CMO/CIO relationship


In the past, marketing’s requests to the CIO were often relegated to the bottom of the IT priority list. Now, CMOs are required — and empowered — to use technology to reach and convert customers. Marketers need IT to perform their job –and much of it is accessible without the blessing of the CIO. This power shift is just part of the evolving CMO and CIO roles says Brian Vellmure.

  1. The digitization of everything — its impact on customer experience



    When your coffee barista greets you by name and has your usual morning order piping hot and waiting for you — that’s customer relationship management at its finest. But with tech innovations rapidly merging the digital and physical worlds, what will CRM look like in the future? Brian Vellmure explores this question and more.

  2. Marketing optimization: Five lessons learned at a major US bank


    Managing online reputation: What to listen for, and where

    How do banks decide what an individual customer needs at the exact moment she logs on to the website, phones the call center, opens the mobile banking app, or walks into the branch? One of the largest US banks answers that question using marketing optimization. They share five lessons learned – and their vision for the future.

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    How marketing analytics works for banks


    Martin Brennan, Customer Insight Manager with Permanent TSB, on how analytics increased the bank’s marketing effectiveness by aligning offers more closely with the customer’s wants and needs.

  • Marketing, big data and basketball: a 'magic' combination

    How the Orlando Magic uses big data to win fans


    Big data and basketball are a “magic” combination in Orlando. CEO Alex Martins tells how the team uses analytics to win games, improve sales — and improve customer relationships.

  • Show me the money!

    Data is money. Treat it accordingly.


    Marketers must develop an “investment strategy” for data says SAS Chief Marketing Officer Jim Davis.