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How Dow Chemical uses analytics to understand costs in a tight margin business

The value of data

The cost of raw materials has been volatile in recent years, so understanding costs is critical for profitability. In this article, Dow Chemical executives talk about how they use analytics to hedge against price swings and more effectively manage their businesses.

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Get MORE DATA – even in an era of big data

Moneyball moment

Billy Beane delivered the keynote address, “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game,” to financial services executives. He focused on finding data and looking at in ways you may never have before. Later, those execs challenged themselves to decode and relate that message to their own industry. Take a look at their thoughts.

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The softer side of analytics

Malene Haxholdt

When you are considering bringing a more analytical approach to your organization, the first thing you’ll be asked for is an estimate of the return on investment. Focus on the long-term ROI, says SAS’ Malene Haxholdt, and there won’t be any question of its value.

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Author Kaiser Fung explains analytics’ influence on our world

Kaiser Fung

Author and statistician Kaiser Fung makes a compelling case for the value of analytics. We caught up with Fung recently and asked him about how a better understanding of statistics and analytics can help organizations avoid financial problems, hire quantitative talent and make greater insights by using predictive analytics.

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8 steps to serving up an analytics culture


Hungry for advice on how to get your organization hooked on analytics? Read observations from SAS’ Pamela Prentice on discussions at a SAS Power Series event about building a stronger analytics culture at your organization.

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A plethora of black swans

Leo Sadovy

It seems that black swans – highly improbable events – aren’t as rare as they are advertised to be. Leo Sadovy gives examples of how the Black Swan Theory can be applied to business, and how analytics can help one prepare for future high-impact events.

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Finders keepers: Finding – and keeping – the talent to foster an analytic culture for your organization


Succeeding with analytics involves skill sets that companies haven’t traditionally needed to hire for or nurture. It’s unknown territory. The International Institute of Analytics (IIA) helps companies understand how to find and nurture analytic talent. Take these steps to finding and keeping such valuable people.

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The impact of business analytics on performance and profitability


In this article, Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS, gives his crystal-ball view of what companies need to maintain a competitive advantage.

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