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Got text data? Now what?

Fiona McNeil, SAS

Are there different aspects to consider when evaluating software for unstructured and structured data? Yes and no. Here are similarities and differences you should know about when considering software.

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Hit a single before going for the home run

Antonia de Medinaceli Feature

Finding the most effective way to manage resources in both the public and private sector is a top priority, says Antonia de Medinaceli, Director of Fraud Analytics at Elder Research. Hear more in this video Q&A.

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A wonderland of text analytics

Tom Reamy Feature

Through studying unstructured data, you can learn about customer and buying behaviors as well as internal employee behaviors through enterprise applications, explains Tom Reamy, founder of KAPS Group, in this video interview.

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Big data, text and elephants from John Elder


“It’s kind of like if you’re used to taking care of rabbits and now you’re in charge of elephants,” explains John Elder, Founder, Elder Research, when talking about big data in this interview.

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How will analytics rock your world in 2012?

Malene Haxholdt

It’s true. “Big data” can be a problem and an opportunity. Many organizations have struggled to manage, much less profit from, the deluge.

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Four rather than 18 people doing something isn’t such a bad thing

Greg Hayworth, Scientist, Humana Inc.

Text analytics and predictive modeling has gleaned big productivity gains for one health insurer. Find out how this company harnessed its big data and why the best analytics can’t succeed without business user buy-in.


Trusting machines to understand humans

Trusting Machines

“I think that’s what she meant by that…” is a common question of sentiment. This excerpt from the white paper Text Analytics for Social Media, by Jim Sterne, internationally known writer and speaker, gives insight on how systems can help the misinterpretation problem.

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What are the hottest trends in analytics?

Eric Siegel

Eric Siegel, PhD, Conference Chair for Predictive Analytics World and Text Analytics World, expands on the innovative approaches of using social data, text analytics and net-lift modeling for better predictive models in this video.

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Validating your information with text analytics: a new way to substantiate the structured data


Organizations are applying innovative text analytics to validate structured data that’s often perceived as gospel. Read more in this article.

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Your customers are already talking about you. Do you know what they are saying?


With the rise of social media, everything is changing in the way companies interact with customers. Check out the latest social media research from Harvard Business Review.

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