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More views on the data scientist

Data quality trumps intuition

Amid all the talk of big data, no doubt you come across the newfangled job title “data scientist.” Various definitions, purposes and forecasts of this line of work blanket headlines daily. Consider a few more views on the emerging role.

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Describe, predict and prescribe

Anne Robinson, Director of Supply Chain Strategy & Analytics, Verizon Wireless

Operations research specialists are making the case that their predictive and prescriptive skills are critical to enterprise-wide analytics efforts. Anne Robinson, the President-Elect of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), explains how.

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Insurance companies face heightened data challenges


“The challenge is in the data…and that’s multiplied by a factor of three for insurance companies,” says Richard Boire, founding partner of Boire Filler Group, in this video interview.

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Common myths of predictive analytics

Piyanka Jain

Piyanka Jain, President and CEO of Aryng.com, shares top predictive analytics myths, discusses analytics skill gaps, and the importance of company culture in this video interview.


Using the cloud to your advantage


“Predictive analytics is hot, the cloud is hot, so the intersection of the two is hot,” says James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, as he discusses the scenarios of using predictive analytics in the cloud in this video interview.

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What’s the story with analytics?


I’m looking forward to attending Predictive Analytics World in San Francisco in a week or so. I’ll blog a few presentations and interview analytics experts and SAS customers to get their stories of analytics, in front of quite a unique SAS booth.

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Separate data and analytical environments will be a thing of the past

Franks Video Feature

“Ten years from now kids are going to be questioning why anybody ever had these separate environments,” says Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer at Teradata. In this video interview, Franks expands on analytics, video analytics and his upcoming book.

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Analytics links winter storms to spikes in hospitalizations

Analytics Links Winter Storms to Spikes in Hospitalizations

Read about a research team at the University of Central Florida (UCF) that used predictive analytics to show that winter storms had the greatest impact on infectious diseases – more than floods, thunderstorms or windstorms.

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Analytics creates a healthier workforce … and bottom line

HR Analytics

As human resources increases its strategic presence at the executive table of influence, its need for analytical, fact-based approaches is on the rise. Read about how predictive modeling can be applied to managing company health care in this Q&A.

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Advanced analytics vs. query and reporting: Knowing which to use when

Dan Vesset

Dan Vesset, Vice President of Business Analytics for IDC, provides guidance on when advanced analytics make sense versus more basic query and reporting options, how to find the right resources to begin using advanced analytics and tips on using unstructured data.

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