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What is big data without big analytics?


The most exciting thing in the industry right now isn’t “big data,” claims SAS’ Keith Collins—it’s “big analytics.” In this article, Collins explains the necessity of high-performance analytics for companies looking to make the most of their data.

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Big data: Reality or hype


Have we reached a point in the “big data” hype cycle where the term is overused and undefined? Is there legitimate opportunity with today’s new data sources? Are your analysts and technology platforms equipped to make the most of the opportunity?

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Three ways high-performance analytics adds value

High-performance Analytics

Wondering what to do with your big data? Applying high-performance analytics is an innovative option. Find out more about the value high-performance analytics can bring to your organization.

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Taming the data tidal wave

Phillip Carter

It is becoming increasingly possible to get a fresh perspective on the business when there is deluge of information and data sources. IDC’s Phillip Carter spoke with SAS’ Jim Davis about the pressures facing today’s corporate boardroom to become more competitive.

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Be where the customer is

Saul vanBeurde

Thought leaders who presented at the The Premier Business Leadership Series in Amsterdam focused on common themes like the global economy, the growing volumes of data and “being where the customer is.” SAS’ Peter Dorrington explains more.

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Business at the speed of life: The era of real-time analytics


Organisations are moving their focus from being product-centric to customer-centric. SAS’ Vincent Cotte recently spoke with the CIO of a leading Asian insurance company who discussed their CEO’s new mantra … the desire to focus on doing business at the speed of life.

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Upcoming event: how to approach big data with SAS VP of Big Data Paul Kent

Upcoming event: how to approach big data with SAS VP of Big Data Paul Kent

Check out the InformationWeek Big Data Analytics Virtual event on June 28th to hear how to approach big data from a number of industry experts, including SAS Vice President of Big Data Paul Kent.

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David v Goliath: high performance analytics levels the big data playing field

High-Performance Analytics levels the Big Data playing field

The value in big data is within reach of everyone. SAS’ Vincent Cotte talks about the hype about big data and how the real conversation needs to be about being nimble.

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Public sector agencies, how can YOU use high-performance analytics?


Law enforcement organizations can better anticipate and prevent criminal activity by finding insights in huge amounts of data – including structured and unstructured (social media, text, etc.). This excerpt gives more details.

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Are customer calls dropping left and right? High-performance analytics can help.


Gone are the days of traditional capacity planning for network operators. They can now provide optimal performance by using high-performance analytics to analyze shifts in network demands in near real time.

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