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Demand management moves to outside-in approach with analytics

Industry Consultant, SAS

Demand management is the natural place for organizations to start when moving to a market-driven value network. But the development of a demand management strategy is easier said than done. SAS’ Charles Chase offers advice to companies looking to get started.

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Wyndham Exchange & Rentals has forecasting fever after profits roll in

PBLS 2012

The analytics team for Wyndham Exchange & Rentals (WER) has generated $11 million of revenue in its first year using forecasting and grid technologies. Jeremy Terbush, VP of Global Analytics, and his team share their next near-term goal and their perspectives on Wyndham’s analytical culture.


Smart meter data analytics


The use of the smart meter is on the rise in the United Kingdom – and so is smart meter analytics, resulting in benefits for the consumers, suppliers and future generations. SAS’ Iain Brown discusses how it works in this article.

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Dos and don’ts of successful analytics

Bill Franks

Few companies have embedded analytics into their culture, and many companies don’t even know where to begin when it comes to analytics. Teradata’s Bill Franks encourages companies to just “dive in” with this list of analytics dos and don’ts in mind.

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The budget is not the only tool in the financial box


Generally, the budget gets misapplied to all problems involving dollar signs. Check out this three-tier hierarchy for a more strategic approach to business planning.

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So what’s the business forecasting deal anyway?

So What's the Deal

Executives and managers often ask themselves this very question, wondering why some forecasts that they followed closely to make critical decisions turn out to be so very wrong. Find out how to make them right.


Seeing the future with business analytics


Forecasting the future, a key element of business analytics, becomes critical during a crisis. In this article, forecaster Arthur Kordon of The Dow Chemical Co. recounts his experience after the global financial crisis.

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