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Data visualization: Taking the pain out of debt collection

Data Visualization

DirectPay uses data on payment behavior to streamline the collection process. To discover and understand what all that data is telling him, Colin Nugteren, Manager of Operations at DirectPay, chose SAS® Visual Analytics.

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Data visualization: Crucial decisions on the go

Speed to decision making

Instant access to your big data is a tall order. But timely decisions demand it. In this Q&A with Peter Wijers, Euramax Businesss Support Manager, we dig into how and why this global manufacturer of precoated metals relies on analytics and data visualization to inform those decisions.


Data visualization: A wise investment in your big data future

Retail bank

“Monetization of big data is the way forward in retail banking,” says Simon Samuel, Head of Customer Value Modeling. Samuel says that big data holds the key to customer behavior, and data visualization accelerates an executive decision maker’s understanding of the information and its impact on the business.


Speed dating, I mean mentoring, at SAS Executive Conference

Shannon Heath, SAS

Just as you may view first date, does big data have you paralyzed? Are you stumped by the right thing to say? Get it all under control at the SAS Global Forum Executive Conference with a speed mentoring session sponsored by SAS and Teradata.

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It’s about big data, hairy data


Big data is more than big – it’s hairy, according to Magnus Lindkvist, keynote speaker at The Premier Business Leadership Series 2013 in Amsterdam. See what else he has to say in this video interview.

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Why your brain needs data visualization

Thought leader, SAS Best Practices

“Visualizations are the single easiest way for our brains to receive and interpret large amounts of information,” says SAS’ Analise Polsky. Find out what impact data visualization can have on your business in this article.

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How does data visualization fit into the predictive analytics process?

Anna Brown, Editor, Business Analytics Knowledge Exchange

More organizations are turning to data – and analytic – visualization to make faster, more effective decisions. In this article, find out where visualization takes place along the entire analytics process.

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Now you can be your own Jedi master of data

Jedi master of data

Recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services research shows that analytics is not only changing organizations, but also individual’s professional careers. Check out the details in this excerpt.

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A picture…or a thousand words?

Jennifer Marchi

Big data is most understood through pictures, says SAS’ Jennifer Marchi. She explains the latest in data visualization for organizations to see what is most important immediately.

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