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Can we all be on the same page with data management?

John Taylor, Data Analyst, TPWD

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) told me how it built an analytical culture in a recent article. During our conversation, TPWD Data Analyst John Taylor also emphasized the importance of a unified data management approach. He explains more in this post.


The culture gap holds companies back

Candace Inscoe, Principal Product Marketing Manager, SAS

Company culture plays a big part in analytical success as a lack of collaboration across an organization can predestine lack luster results. Collaboration, particularly in the area of data management, is essential in an effective analytics strategy.


How does a center of excellence really work?

Brett Starr, Director of the Business Intelligence Competency Center, The Cincinnati Insurance Companies

A “center of excellence” serves an important role: it promotes collaboration and defines best practices for a specific focus area to improve business results. But how does it really work? Brett Star of The Cincinnati Insurance Companies explains.


Improve analytics through an industrial scale process

Creating an Industrial-Scale Process

If you’re looking to operationalize analytics, you can’t do it without a repeatable, industrial-scale development process. Discover what that looks like in this article, part of a series on operationalizing analytics.

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Quality data trumps intuition

Data quality trumps intuition

Why do some still cling to intuition over the cold, hard facts? Accenture SAS Analytics Group research uncovers some reasons in this article.

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Analytics wish list from senior executives


Financial services executives discuss their wish list to make analytics successful across the enterprise. Check out their ideas.

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The current state of business analytics: where do we go from here?

The Current State of BA

According to a recent survey by Bloomberg Businessweek, 97 percent of companies with revenues of more than $100 million are using some form of business analytics, but only one in four organizations believes its use of business analytics has been “very effective” in helping to make decisions. What gives?

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