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Make it better, not harder

Evan Stubbs

Evan Stubbs, author of The Value of Business Analytics, explains how to get from data to insight. The more complex the data, the more difficult the correlations become. He also explores the pitfalls of re-purposing existing data without verifying and updating sources.

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You’re the reason your data is bad

You're the reason your data is bad

Evan Stubbs, author The Value of Business Analytics, examines the blame game surrounding bad data and the inevitable poor results. Stubbs offers advice on admitting mistakes and why correcting them are of utmost importance in analytics.

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More examples of how industry challenges drive information management

David Loshin, President of Knowledge Integrity, Inc.

Industry challenges continue to shape information management adoption. Knowledge Integrity’s David Loshin explores financial services, healthcare and government examples in his latest article.


How industry challenges drive information management

David Loshin, President of Knowledge Integrity, Inc.

Distinct industries have particular business challenges whose solutions can be impeded by the absence of a sound information management strategy and program plan. Knowledge Integrity’s David Loshin gives a couple of examples in this article.


Objectives for organizational information management: The new dial tone

Solutions to top analytics challenges for executives

Introducing analytical appliances or implementing Hadoop – while ignoring the critical information infrastructure aspects that support the collection and management of data – may lead to questionable results when the level of trust in the usability of the information can easily be challenged. President of Knowledge Integrity, Inc. David Loshin explains in this article.


Information infrastructure management: A brave new world for the CIO

A Reliable Deployment Architecture

The concept of the “Chief Information Officer” (CIO) title has been well-established for many years. And although the role the CIO plays has slowly evolved in alignment with (and sometimes in reaction to) changes in the world of technology, dramatic shifts in the perception of the creation, use, and employment of information have somewhat skewed the direction that the CIO role has taken.


Speed dating, I mean mentoring, at SAS Executive Conference

Shannon Heath, SAS

Just as you may view first date, does big data have you paralyzed? Are you stumped by the right thing to say? Get it all under control at the SAS Global Forum Executive Conference with a speed mentoring session sponsored by SAS and Teradata.

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Your data flock needs a shepherd

Thought leader, SAS Best Practices

One of the most influential factors on human behavior is culture. In the context of data management, far too many organizations have cultures that support secrecy, individual ownership of data, and a willingness to step around formal data management processes. In light of these bad cultural norms, what can you do to improve your data quality?

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Who cares about data?

Who cares about data

“Providing analytical services is somewhat like being a professional translator, helping to convert numbers and trends into something the business can understand and act upon,” says authors of Win With Advanced Business Analytics. They explain an approach that guides analysts to become insightful business partners.

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A leader’s guide to creating effective analytics

A leaders guide to creating effective analytics

Authors of a new business analytics book created the Business Analytics Success Pillars framework that captures the key activities and similarities that thriving and successful business analytics functions share. See what it’s all about.

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