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Advice for CIOs: Information is the new oil

Saul vanBeurde

How can a CIO best help his or her organization be more successful? According to ING CIO Saul van Beudern, CIOs must put aside their technology-focused view, and instead look at interactions from the customers’ point of view.

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What the C-suite should know about analytics

The value of big data

Kishore S. Swaminathan of Accenture explores five key areas to consider when introducing analytics to your organization, and how to prevent analysis paralysis.


Three tips for CIOs handling Big Data Analytics

Three Things CIOs Must Know

In this “Big Data Era,” CIOs are dealing with issues like the cloud, analytical appliance and enterprise architecture. Read IDC’s take on each, including business problems that Big Data analytics can solve.

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The CIO bridges the IT/business value gap … finally

Phillip Carter

As business analytics becomes more important for CIOs, there are several issues that they have to cope with. Philip Carter, Associate Vice President for IDC’s Asia/Pacific Practice Group, addresses some of them.

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It’s an exciting time to be a CIO

Thornton May

Mobile computing. The cloud. Analytics. Social media. If ever there was an exciting time to be a CIO, this is it, says author Thornton May. It’s also time for CIOs to build bridges to the analytics community so their organizations work with a “certain element of oneness.”


A surefire way to deliver value

Niel Nickolaisen

Former CIO and author Niel Nickolaisen writes about how CIOs can add value by helping the enterprise make better decisions.

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