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Failing for the wrong reasons

Evan Stubbs

Insight without action is worthless. Evan Stubbs, author of The Value of Business Analytics, explains that all of the data and insight you have is worthless to your company unless it is acted upon.

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Advanced analytics vs. query and reporting: Knowing which to use when

Dan Vesset

Dan Vesset, Vice President of Business Analytics for IDC, provides guidance on when advanced analytics make sense versus more basic query and reporting options, how to find the right resources to begin using advanced analytics and tips on using unstructured data.

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Business intelligence on the go: The case for mobile BI

BI on the Go

Companies that use mobile business intelligence can make critical management decisions much faster. Learn how companies are using mobile BI, why it is so important and how one industry has adapted mobile BI for everyday decision making.

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From business intelligence to advanced analytics


Business intelligence provides valuable historical information, but not prediction and forecasting capabilities. For that, you need advanced analytics.

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BI is a lot like yoga

BI Like Yoga

All organizations seem to define business analytics (BA) – and business intelligence (BI) for that matter – differently. An integral part of the BA framework, BI needs to remain flexible and evolve regularly over time due to changing business needs and economic factors. Consider the similarities of the malleable art of yoga and the patience and perseverance of BI in this blog post.


Beyond reporting – delivering insights with next-generation analytics


Who uses analytical and BI technologies and what tools best fit their needs? Find out in this TDWI Best Practices Report.


Elements of a business analytics framework for IT


Business analytics allows you to make decisions that mean something, that support overall organizational growth. Learn about these types of decisions.

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