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Be where the customer is

Saul vanBeurde

Thought leaders who presented at the The Premier Business Leadership Series in Amsterdam focused on common themes like the global economy, the growing volumes of data and “being where the customer is.” SAS’ Peter Dorrington explains more.

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Business at the speed of life: The era of real-time analytics


Organisations are moving their focus from being product-centric to customer-centric. SAS’ Vincent Cotte recently spoke with the CIO of a leading Asian insurance company who discussed their CEO’s new mantra … the desire to focus on doing business at the speed of life.

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David v Goliath: high performance analytics levels the big data playing field

High-Performance Analytics levels the Big Data playing field

The value in big data is within reach of everyone. SAS’ Vincent Cotte talks about the hype about big data and how the real conversation needs to be about being nimble.

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Show me the numbers


Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the MIT Center for Digital Business, shares higlights of his research on the measureable impact of data-driven decision making and how analytics fits into his recent book, Race against the Machine.

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Get MORE DATA – even in an era of big data

Moneyball moment

Billy Beane delivered the keynote address, “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game,” to financial services executives. He focused on finding data and looking at in ways you may never have before. Later, those execs challenged themselves to decode and relate that message to their own industry. Take a look at their thoughts.

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Advice for CIOs: Information is the new oil

Saul vanBeurde

How can a CIO best help his or her organization be more successful? According to ING CIO Saul van Beudern, CIOs must put aside their technology-focused view, and instead look at interactions from the customers’ point of view.

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